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Yamatai Interstellar News Network (YINN)


The Yamatai Interstellar News Network or YINN has its headquarters in Kyoto on Yamatai (Planet). Its mission is to report civilian news for the Yamatai Star Empire, while they do not directly report on news covered by Star Army News Distribution and Reporting Agency, they do provide the civilian side of such stories.

YINN has offices on all Yamataian worlds. It also tries to maintain a presence on colonies and have a correspondent on the capital of allies, and neutral planets.

Depending on the nature of the story, YINN typically will not release a story without corroboration, and has a reliable database of trustworthy sources that it updates continiously.

YINN determines which stories they will broadcast, and which ones they offer on demand. They broadcast stories covering military, cultural, political, and foreign events.

YINN falls under the control of the department_of_information, but is somewhat relieved from direct oversight and is allowed to make their own policies, with approval by the department.


โ€œWe Bring the Empire to Youโ€

Notable Personnel

  • Director: Castle, Jonathan

News Crew

  • Roberts, Cassandra

Additional Information

OOC Notes

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