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On Star Army, some characters such as minor or background characters are listed as part of a group instead of having their own character pages. This helps reduce wiki editing requirements for game masters.

Characters are also grouped by faction and plots.

List of Groups

This list is automatically generated from structured data (Groups Schema) on groups pages, so update your group page if you're not seeing your group here.

PageGroup Faction
Black Wolf SquadYamatai Star Empire
Fifth Expeditionary Fleet Important PCs/NPCsYamatai Star Empire
ISC Phoenix NPCsIndependent
My Aetherical LovingDemocratic Imperium of Nepleslia
Omega WingNew Dusk Conclave
Seventh Fleet Command StaffYamatai Star Empire

Group Page Template

A sample template for group pages can be found here: Group Name

OOC Notes

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