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Omega Wing

Omega Wing is one of the many Fighter wings within the New Dusk Conclave however what makes Omega wing so unique is that it was composed entirely of BW-V-Starbreakers which meant that entirely this Wing was operated by AI, or possibly Cyborgs whose mind were transferred. Omega Wing formed in early YE 42. Entire Wing is an all female wing.


Omega Wing formed after the BW-V-Starbreaker were designed by Nyx Pine, and later built by the Department of Engineering. They were put to service amongst the other Fighter wings before a group of the AI formed a new Wing, based on the fact of what they were, and the desire to prove themselves to the other squads.


  1. Omega leader: Aelitra Walker โ€“ A wise sarcastic leader that deeply cares for her fellow pilots especially those in her wing.
  2. Omega second: Angel Ruddock - A tough nut Second in command with a stern tone of voice that is loyal to her leader.
  3. Omega Officer: Britney Gary -Explosive specialist likes to make things explode and bombard them.
  4. Omega Officer: Miley West -Large stick up figurative ass rivalry with Britney
  5. Omega Ensign: Katherine Bussler - Freespacer, One of the two top gunners in the Wing
  6. Omega Ensign: Tanisha Fox -Second Freespacer, and the 2nd of the two top gunners in the wing
  7. Omega Ensign: Kai Koyuki -based on a Yamataian, for name.
  8. Omega Cadet: Honor Kuroki -a new member with something to prove.


Each member uses a BW-V-Starbreaker during operations, these are their bodies, and they are armed with the various weapons they use with their load-outs such as,

Strike load-out

Mainly shoots the guns and making gun runs on specific targets, or in space harassing ships.

Bombardment load-out

This load out is for bombing and laying down ordinance, which includes structures on a planet, or making hits on stations.

They also use a Paladin Barrier System

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