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Creating an Abwehran

This species-specific guide is to help make an Abwehran.


Abwehrans tend to have Germanic names with a first name before their surname. Their names are masculine or feminine-based upon their gender.

General Information


The Abwehran people age at a different rate from most humanoids during their first five Abwehran years (approx. seventeen Earth years). The aging process is actually faster during this time than humans, making them have the appearance and mental state of approximately sixteen years old by human standards by the time they are five Abwehran years old. This means Abwehrans reach adulthood by the age of five Abwehran years old. After reaching that milestone, their aging reduces drastically.

Overall Abwehrans live for slightly longer than humans. Due to their current medical technology, the longest living Abwehran has reached 56 Abwehran years old (approx. 198 Earth years). On average, however, most Abwehrans do not last beyond 50 Abwehran years in age (approx. 177 Earth years). To calculate an Abwerhans age in Earth years, you would have to take the age in Abwehran years and multiply it by the difference between the length of an Earth year and the length of an Abwehran year (AY * 3.551 = EY). To calculate how old an Abwehran appears to be beyond twelve Abwehran years, you would have to take the age in Abwehran years and multiply it by 1.6 (AY * 1.6 = appearance in EY). For Abwehrans in between five and twelve Abwehran years, they will always appear to be seventeen to nineteen years of age. Appearance for Abwehrans younger than that varies greatly due to their hyper-metabolism.

Average age that would be good to start at would range from 5 AY to 7 AY for new players starting around the beginning ranks. For NCO ranks it would be best to be around 8 AY to 10 AY, while officers are normally above 10 AY. Middle Age would be around 25 AY and Venerable would be close to 45 AY.


Oberflächenbewohner: The majority of Abwehran are actually the surface dwelling sub-species. A more artistic and hedonistic lot, the Oberflächenbewohner have been seen any many jobs ranging from Economics to Politics to Architecture. A few decide to join military service and other careers, but they are normally overshadowed in such fields.
Nacht Bewohner: The minority Sub-species that evolved in the subterranean levels of Abwehr, this tough and rugged people has been in the forefront of engineering and science for generations. Many seek military service and even careers as explorers due to their need to expand from their underground cities. All Nacht Bewohner can be identified by their thick, black goggles that they wear in brightly lit areas and have been claimed as demons in ancient times due to their glowing blue eyes.
Surfacer/Nightwalker Hybrid: Barely reaching 0.0000001% of the population, this mixture of both sub-species combines many features from both in a random array of people. Some have the light-sensitivity of the Nacht Bewohner while others do not. Either way, some geneticists believe them to be the future of the Abwehran people. 1).


  • Male Abwehran are traditionally considered as protectors as soldiers even for their lower ratio to females 2). But there is also a physical difference between the genders. One high gravity worlds such as Abwehr, many mammals evolve ways to survive the harsh pressures. One of these is to have six-limbs to handle the gravity instead of four. For Abwehrans, who have long evolved to stand up-right, the males have kept this gene and have four arms and two legs.
  • Female are traditionally those in power, whether running the family or a government. This is mainly because of their larger population versus the male population. Physically, they have lost the gene that allows them to have four arms long before recorded Abwehran History. Because of this, Abwehran females are more human-like with four limbs total (two arms and two legs).

Family (or Creators)

  • Surfacer families tend to be nuclear families with two parents and around 4.5 children 3). Though this seems much larger than those found in most advanced civilizations, those whom stand by the two parents and 2.5 children, this is actually quite small.
  • Nightwalker families, on the other hand, are massive in comparison. Due to being a culture with a more drastic female to male ratio 4) than their cousins on the surface, they are more accepting of multiple spouses. It is not unheard of to have families with four parents and 8.5 children on average. The Löwenherzt family is the exception to the average with its clan-sized proportions.


All Abwehran are eligible for careers in the Abwehran Armed Forces' Weltraumflotte and Nachrichtendienst. Though many can find economic opportunities in a variety of fields.


New Players who join the military start off with the rank of Maat in the Weltraumflotte or Unteragens in the Nachrichtendienst. Civilians don't have to bother with rank.

Current Assignment

Anyone interested in creating plots for the Abwehran should contact Matthew.


Physical Characteristics


  • Surfacers range in height depending upon gender with males ranging from 5'11“ to 7'4” and females ranging from 5'5“ to 6'2”.
  • Nightwalkers range in height with males ranging from 5'8“ to 6'11” and females ranging from 5'2“ to 6'.


Due to their higher gravity and physical makeup, Abwehran weigh slightly more massively than humanoids born to normal gravity. Because of this, males average in the middle to upper 200 lbs while females average in the middle to upper 100 lbs.


(only if female)

Bra Size

(only if female)

Build and Skin Color

While Surfacers have a vast array of skin colors, while the more common skin colors for Nightwalkers are pale skin tones or very dark skins tones with rarely anything in between. Most Abwehran tend to be more toned or muscular compared to humanoids of normal gravity environments.

Facial Features and Eye Color

Again, Surfacers have a vast array of eye colors, while Nightwalkers have only glowing blue eyes. Facial features of both sub-species come in a wide variety.

Distinguishing Features

Abwehran can have a variety of distinguishing features in the form of tattoos or scars on the body. These also include favorite ornaments and such. Cybernetics are also possible in the form of prosthetics for limbs, but are forced to take immuno-suppressants to keep rejection from happening. But Cybernetics are rare because many don't want to deal with the hassle and because most limbs regenerate as long as there is some remnant of the limb.

Psychological Characteristics


Most Abwehran seek economic opportunity or adventure in some form or another. While Nightwalkers tend towards the more adventurous pursuits to escape their underground cities and fulfill a certain wanderlust, Surfacers go for more gratifying pursuits. Though this isn't always the case with each sub-species, the majority of them stick to their cultural background. Other than this, personalities tend to vary greatly between individuals.


Dependent upon specific personalities, Abwehran do tend towards pursuits to benefit them in the long run rather than the short-term.


Dependent upon specific personalities.


Abwehran do tend towards pursuits to benefit them in the long run rather than the short-term. Though they do make short-term goals, those are normally stepping stones to an even greater goal in their life. This is mainly due to the fact that they live for quite a while.


If you are a Surfacer, your character has probably lived an easy and often spoiled life compared to others. Joining the military would have been a great shock to you due to all the discipline and strict rules involved. If you got through it, you've probably been changed drastically. Whether for better or for worse is up to you.

If you are a Nightdweller, your character probably grew up in a large and nurturing family environment with multiple sets or combinations of parentage. Though you were treated fairly, you've always been taught that the world is never fair. Growing in one of the large underground cities, you probably would have seen the surface on occasion. In one of the smaller warrens, you've probably had a harder life with earthquakes and small cave-ins happening on the rare occasion. If you grew up in one of these small warrens, you've probably never experienced the surface and have been greatly effected when you finally reach it. You've also been through your coming of age ceremony which is required before your peers look at you as an adult. Because of this, you've been trained previously in the arts of combat beforehand. Nightwalkers in the military are commonplace and often adapt to conditions more easily.

If you are a Surfacer/Nightwalker Hybrid, you've probably been in one of two family situations. One of your parents was a Nightdweller whom chose to have one life-partner or was a Surfacer who chose to break from monogamy traditions and marry into a Nightdweller household. Either way, you could have been raise by one tradition or another or possibly by both traditions at once. There is also a possibility you've been scorned for being a mixed breed, but this is only seen in more backwater towns. Joining the military could be a way to escape this racism or just a mere stepping stone towards getting back at your aggressors. But in most cases, joining the military is following a wanderlust gained from your Nightwalker blood.

If you want to see more on the Abwehran's pre-RPG history, please check out this page.

Must have GM Permission to Play as one
33.6% of the total population are male
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