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SARP Community Advertising Materials

This page is a repository for files used to help spread the word about the Star Army community.

In-Person Media

Star Army fliers, cards, and presentations can be good for Conventions. Remember, the most effective way to get new members is by word of mouth and referrals by friends. These items are most effective when used in conjunction with an enthusiast explanation or testimonial about the site and community. Also, keep in mind we're not trying to “sell” Star Army. Keep it real and be a friendly fellow geek, not a pushy saleman.

Internet Media

These banners, buttons, sigs, and stamps are good for putting on your blogs, websites, and signatures on other forums. Remember: Do not spam.

Facebook or Tumblr


Standard Size

Google Adwords






Gaia Online




DeviantArt Stamp

Computer Desktops



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