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Creating an Android Character

In Star Army, you can play as an artificially-created person (an android) or as a robot. This guide is focused on existing models but you can also create your own android body. Androids, by definition, are humanoid robots, but you can play non-humanoid robots if you prefer. An example of this is Crash Mckill. Android is a general, masculine term; the female-specfic version of an android is a called a gynoid.

Playable Androids

Androids come in both machine and biological varieties.


Biological/organic androids are sometimes referred to as bioroids or synths. They are made of flesh and blood. The line between them and genetically-engineered clones can be thin, especially when they can reproduce; the difference is these were designed and created from scratch instead of being modifications from an existing species. Synth species make of a large portion of the population of the Yamatai Star Empire.

Star Army Nekovalkyrja

  1. Nekovalkyrja (NH series)


These are mechanical androids made of metal and plastic. They are very common in the SARPiverse.


These androids are self-aware.

Jalen Emiko


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