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Art is a vital part of the Star Army Community. We want to use art to help inspire a sense of wonder. Art helps the us brings characters, places, and ships to life, inspires the imagination, and allows us to better share a common vision of the SARPiverse.

“I need scene art, like battles, space fleets, bleeding nekos in a starship hallway, Nepleslians running from explosions. Right now most of our art is just characters without much context. I think art that says “THIS IS THE STAR ARMY SETTING” in an obvious way would help recruit new people. I love the chibis, but we need to balance them with serious art or people might think it's a kid's site due to the cuteness. There needs to be blood and explosions. I need art that says sci fi action.” – Wes

Art Resources

Although art is not required for every faction, we suggest obtaining illustrations for the following article categories:

  • Characters
  • Planets
  • Species (main article and appearance article)
  • Uniforms
  • Vehicles of any type (multiple views preferred)
  • Weapons of any type, especially handheld weapons

Commissioning Art

Creating Art

Star Army Art

Star Army Art Collections

Stock Resources


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