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Species Augmentation Charts

Each species has a unique body chemistry and will thus have a unique reaction to the various body modifications available in the setting. Certain species have a tendency to reject foreign objects such as cybernetics or tissue grafts due to powerful and exclusive regenerative capabilities, while those with overzealous immune systems will have a tendency to reject bloodborne nanomachine cultures and symbiotic entities.

Chart System

A species' ability to utilize certain kinds of augmentation or treatment are shown by their “Receptiveness Factor” in the chart below.

  • Perfect only occurs when a species genetically modifies itself - or was evolved/engineered by another - to specifically utilize a given type of augmentation or treatment.
  • None is rarely seen, manifesting only when a species simply does not have the biological/mechanical requirements necessary to utilize a given type of augmentation or treatment.
Receptiveness Description
Perfect This species has specifically evolved or engineered itself to be perfectly adapted to the usage of this type of augmentation or treatment.
High This species has a naturally high level of tolerance to this type of augmentation or treatment.
Average This species has a good level of tolerance and/or resistance to this type of augmentation or treatment, but may not experience ideal results.
Low This species has a slight resistance to this type of augmentation or treatment and has significantly lower success rates with this type of augmentation or treatment.
Critical This species has a high resistance to this type of augmentation or treatment, which may result in highly-negative or highly-reduced reactions to this type of augmentation or treatment.
None/Immune This species is entirely unable to use this augmentation or treatment and/or will naturally reject any attempt at tampering via this means.

Augmentation Charts

The following charts contain information about each species' receptiveness towards various types of body modification.

Human Species
Geshrin Human ID-SOL Nepleslian
Cybernetics High Average Perfect Perfect
Nanomachines Average Average Average Average
Symbiotics Average Average Average Average
Pharmaceuticals Average Average High Average
Human-Derived” Species
Abwehran Elysian Freespacer1) Iromakuanhe Lorath
Cybernetics Critical Immune2) Critical3) Low4) Perfect Low High5) Average6) Perfect7)
Nanomachines Low Critical8) Low9) Average10) Average Average High
Symbiotics Average Critical11) Low12) Average13) Perfect Perfect Low14) High15)
Pharmaceuticals High Perfect16) High17) Average18) High Average High19) Perfect20)
Android Species
Nekovalkyrja Yamataian
Cybernetics Immune21) Critical22) Critical
Nanomachines Perfect/Immune23) Perfect24) Perfect
Symbiotics Immune25) Critical26) Critical
Pharmaceuticals Immune27) Critical28) Average
Other Species
Azorean Helashio Senti
Cybernetics Low High Low
Nanomachines Average High Critical
Symbiotics High Average Low
Pharmaceuticals Average Average Average

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