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Ban Policy

This page serves as a guideline for banning users from Star Army. The purpose of the Star Army ban policy is to help create a consistent, uniform process for banning and ban removal of members.

Normal Bans

These are also called “behavior bans” because they involve users behaving rudely.

  1. Forum warnings last six months.
    1. Usually forum warnings are given for violating the site rules and code of conduct.
    2. If you have more than 3 active, you can be banned for any moderate rule violation.
  2. Severe infractions or Terms of Service violations can get banned right away, bypassing warnings

Terms of Service Bans

The Terms and Conditions are the conditions under which we allow you to use the site. If you won't abide by the ToS, you don't get to use the site. It's that simple.

Age Bans

Underage users found to be lying about their age to meet Star Army's age restrictions will be banned until their 18th birthday, if it is known. In the case where a user is discovered to be 12 or under, their account will be deleted entirely, due to COPPA regulations.

Ban Duration

Normal bans should last a week to a month, depending on severity of the infraction.

  • 1 week bans: Rules violations: Things like being a jerk, obvious trolling, flaming, excessive profanity, NSFW text in a non-NSFW forum
  • 1 month bans: Minor to moderate ToS violations: Attacks against other members, uploading stolen art to the wiki, wiki vandalism
  • Ban length may be increased based on the user being banned previously, up to a full year.
    • Typically double ban length for repeat offenses.

The point of a ban is to give you time to calm down and get your mind right.

Circumventing a ban (sneaking back in the site via proxies or something) and posting on the forums or chatrooms will cause a ban to be extended by six months. Don't do it.

NOTE: If you received a permanent ban prior to 2015 for a behavior issue and/or have been already banned for over a year, you can contact Wes to have your ban removed.

Limited Bans

Bans may be limited to the part of the site where the violation took place. For example, staff may choose to ban a member from the chatroom but not the forum, or the forum but not the wiki. This is left to staff discretion.

Sometimes users who are off-topic (posting memes in an important discussion thread, etc) may be selectively banned from just that particular thread.

Permanent Bans

A permanent ban should only be issued for actions that cause serious harm to the website. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Technical attacks that disrupt the functioning of the site
  2. Anything that requires the staff come into contact with lawyers or law enforcement, e.g.
    1. Threats of violence or terrorism
    2. Uploading or linking to illegal content

Note: Spam bots also get permanent bans and are reported to spam databases.

Any user with a permanent ban is considered “delete on sight.” If any admin or moderator discovers them attempting to return to the site, they are empowered to immediately take action without having to discuss action with the staff.

Ban Appeals

Bans can be appealed by emailing Wes, who will present the appeal to the site staff for a decision. Bans may only be appealed once in a three month period.

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