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Building A Military

The aim of this guide, which is a work-in-progress, is to provide a framework and advice for the creation of a fictional military force.


You'll want to write these down:

  • Names
    • What is the name of your military?
      • Does your military have different divisions (ie: Army and Navy)?
    • Who is the leadership of your military?
  • What is the mission of your military?
    • The role of your military should determine the quantity and type of units found in it.
  • What is the size of your military?
    • What is the ratio of combat troops to support troops?
    • What is the ratio of active duty troops to reserves?
    • What is the size of a typical:
      • Fire Team (if applicable)
      • Platoon
      • Company
      • Battalion
      • Regiment
      • Fighter Squadron
      • Task Force
      • Fleet of Ships
  • Policies: What are your military's rules and laws concerning:
    • Prisoners of war?
    • Medical personnel and who they treat?
    • What to do if captured?
    • Crimes committed by soldiers
    • Violence against civilians and/or the unarmed
    • AWOL and desertion
    • Avoiding espionage
    • Avoiding corruption and favoritism within the ranks
    • Who may serve as an officer
    • Who may or may not serve in combat
  • Training
    • What tasks and skills are soldiers trained in?
    • What schools and training facilities are used?
    • How long is training?
    • What occupations are there?
    • Creeds, mottoes, battle cries, and other traditional and/or motivational memes

Policies should probably be based on the culture and society from which the military force originates.


In general, there are certain items that every military force will have a need for. With that in mind, the following list of item types can be used as a checklist as you build your force.

  • Uniforms
    • Insignia
      • National (ie: Flag patch)
      • Ranks (pins, patches, etc)
      • Unit Patches (optional)
  • Weapons
    • Ammunition
    • Primary Weapon (ie: Assault rifle)
    • Sidearm (ie: pistols, personal defense weapons)
    • Indirect Fire (ie: grenades, mortars)
    • Explosives
    • How old are your weapons?
    • How reliable are your weapons?
  • Equipment
    • Vehicles
      • Combat
      • Construction
      • Medical
      • Troop Transport
      • Scout
      • Specialized
    • Medical Equipment
    • Survival Equipment
    • Rations
    • Cargo Containers
  • Buildings
    • Portable
    • Constructed
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