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Characters Wanted

This is Star Army's central place for roleplayers, Game Masters, and factions to list wanted ads for their roleplaying threads and plots.

Joining An RP?

Consider creating a character based on the openings and want ads listed below, which are divided by faction. It may be useful to help make sure your character fits into an existing RP. If you don't see something you like, feel free to ask. You are not limited to these openings; they are only suggestions presented for convenience purposes.

Running an RP?

You can add character wanted ads for one-on-one RPs, or RPs that haven't opened yet, on here too. Feel free to link to related forum threads like interest checks.

Star Army of Yamatai

The Star Army is the main focus of the Star Army RP, and is always looking for more characters. For information about joining the Star Army, see Star Army Recruiting.

Current Openings & Info

Wes is looking for people who want to run Star Army of Yamatai plots where a starship crew goes around doing missions and solving the Empire's problems. Contact him about becoming a GM.

Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia

This section is for the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

Current Openings & Info

  • Crimefest is currently accepting characters, contact SirSPT for more details.
  • Aquila Flight is currently accepting new pilots in the fight against the reds! Contact Charmaylarg on the discord or forum for more details.
  • 13th Precinct is accepting new DTR officers and door kickers to fight crime and keep nepleslia safe! this plot is new-player friendly. Contact Charmaylarg on the forum or discord for more details.


For more information about independent characters and groups, see Guide to Independent Characters.

  • The Tsumi main fleet is always looking for fresh meat to re-fill the meatgrinder.
  • ECV Raven - This plot is currently accepting 1 or 2 new players, contact club24 for inquiries.
  • S.E.A.R.C.H. Initiative is currently looking for archeology people willing to go into dangerous ruins/temples and has an adventure attitude!
  • The OIF Karakoram Is currently Seeking three Mecha pilots, for a Mecha Harem Anime themed pirate hunting adventure. Contact Kai for details.
  • Looking for Tsumi and Gunja players, contact IQ for more info.

New Dusk Conclave

A new and growing nation with a diverse culture, advanced technology, and well funded military; the history behind their rise to existence was a harsh and stifled one which started as a government division under a dictator's regime. A unitary aristocracy style of government was established to make sure everything ran smoothly. Founded in YE 40 by a organization known as Section 6 to escape to a place where a better society could be formed compared to the one they left on a world named Osman, the people left harsh totalitarian controlled desert for a verdant world to set up their own nation where they began the construction of the New Dusk Conclave.

  • ISS-Brimstone: Looking for rogue types, as well as supporting characters. All ideas are open.
  • Osman University: Enrollment to all students are open, and open to discuss new instructor openings.
  • (NDC) Expanding Horizons: Vale of Discovery: Join the NDC's military as it explores its sector of the galaxy, making friends and enemies along the way. Mostly enemies. All ideas are open.

Kingdom of Neshaten

A smaller niche faction inhabited by fox-like humanoids that keeps to themselves for the most part. The Neshaten pride themselves on avoiding conflicts with other nations but do field a navy for defending themselves and protecting their citizens from a secretive radical group determined to overthrow the royals.

Active plots within the faction:

  • Division 5 - This plot is currently not seeking any new members
  • Kingdom Fall - This plot is accepting more civilian style neshaten characters for underdog freedom fighter style rp
  • SNV Cercatore Di Stella is currently looking for foxes willingly going into a top-secret mission to find a new homeworld.

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