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Characters Wanted

This is Star Army's central place for roleplayers, Game Masters, and factions to list wanted ads for their roleplaying threads and plots.

Joining An RP?

Consider creating a character based on the openings and want ads listed below, which are divided by faction. It may be useful to help make sure your character fits into an existing RP. If you don't see something you like, feel free to ask. You are not limited to these openings; they are only suggestions presented for convenience purposes.

Running an RP?

You can add character wanted ads for one-on-one RPs, or RPs that haven't opened yet, on here too. Feel free to link to related forum threads like interest checks.

Plot Wanteds

This is a list of what each plot (roleplay) is currently seeking. Game Masters: To edit these, you can double-click the table cell or edit the β€œWanteds” field on your plot's page.

LogoPageCharacters WantedGame MasterPlot Faction
Sood Zadra (Plot)Scum and VillainyYuukiIndependent
Division 5A character with a significant medical background would be nice, but I can make other ideas work.SirSkullyKingdom of Neshaten
RJFV Tuat'la- Line Officers (2 Wanted)
- Deck Chief
- Engineering Staff
- Medical Officers
- Security Staff
- Science Officers
Addie-4thUnited Rathenka Federation
Resurgence Of YamataiWes is seeking:
- a caretaker
- a cook
- a clerk
- a medic
- a starship technician (enlisted rank)

These openings as of August 2022
WesYamatai Star Empire
YSS Aeon II PlotAeon II plot is looking for:
Starship pilots
Science officer
Starship operators
Pretty much everything!
CowboyYamatai Star Empire
YSS Wakaba PlotAny is welcome!CowboyYamatai Star Empire

Player Wanteds

Here's a compilation of what players said they're looking for on their user pages. To get on this list, edit your user page on the wiki.

Nothing found

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