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Characters Wanted

This is Star Army's central place for roleplayers, Game Masters, and factions to list wanted ads for their roleplaying threads and plots.

Joining An RP?

Consider creating a character based on the openings and want ads listed below, which are divided by faction. It may be useful to help make sure your character fits into an existing RP. If you don't see something you like, feel free to ask. You are not limited to these openings; they are only suggestions presented for convenience purposes.

Running an RP?

You can add character wanted ads for one-on-one RPs, or RPs that haven't opened yet, on here too. Feel free to link to related forum threads like interest checks.


The Yamatai Star Empire is always looking for more characters! More Yamatai-based Open RP threads are always welcome.

For information about joining the Star Army of Yamatai, see Star Army Recruiting.

Current Openings & Info

Wes is looking for people who want to run “standard” Star Army plots where a starship crew goes around doing missions and solving the Empire's problems. Contact him about becoming a GM.


This section is for the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

Openings and Info

Poku Saeruo Degonjo

The Poku Saeruo Degonjo is looking for players to help grow the clan.

The clan is in a time of change and upheaval. Plots and schemes are the backdrop of the current plot.


For more information about Iromakuanhe, see Creating an Iromakuanhe.


For more information about independent characters and groups, see Guide to Independent Characters.

  • 188604 is currently seeking anyone
  • Contact GM Gunhand4171 about joining Ragnarok
  • The Wayward is currently seeking
    • Those with scientific knowledge
    • Bridge operators
    • some sort of space combat related skill
    • What's not needed
      • Pure combatants
      • medical staff
  • The ISS Dig-It is recruiting mecha memes
  • Psychopomp is seeking anyone
  • Interregnum is looking for a chief engineer, chief medical officer, chief Commando, and always more regular Commandos.
  • Figments Of Fantasia is looking for adventurers to join the party. From elves, ogres and orcs, to fairies, goblins and gnomes. Anything is possible in this adventure, including being a King to a Peasant! Buy Figments of Fantasia and start playing NOW!
  • The Crimson Corsairs is looking for freelancers for hire!

Gartagen Union

  • The Su'kan plot is looking for two more characters, they can be anything you can think up. contact Tony (Ira) for more details.
  • Operation UIFA is looking for captains from the following factions, Neshaten, I'ee, and Gartagen Union. You may also make a captain from the Yamatai Star Army. Contact Zekec for further details.
    • Captains from Neshaten, I'ee, the Union, Yamatai Stay Army, USO and more.
  • Nibiru Station is looking for many characters of all types- ambassadors, guards, engineers, scientists, shop keeps and even teachers and kids to roam about on the magnificent space station. Contact Zekec for more details.
    • All faction ambassadors(Excluding USO & Union) and their ambassadorial teams.
    • Crew staff(Medical, Scientists, Maintenance, Security, etc.)
    • Civilians(Shop-keepers, travelers, just residents)
  • UNS Empress' Frontier is looking for all types of crewman aboard the science vessel turned warship. The multi-factional ship is on a mission to explore the eastern frontier of the Kikyo Sector, leaving the war with the Kuvexians behind for new enemies, races and anomalies. We are accepting engineers, cooks, infantry(naval, RRF, or Hussar), scientists and more. The ship is mainly filled with Asterian and Union characters, but I will not stop you from trying to create even a Yamatai or Neshaten character, although I can not guarantee it will be accepted(FM Discretion). You can attempt to make a character from any faction participating in the Operation UIFA plot. Any questions, please direct them to Zekec
    • Scientific Personnel (Any type or specialization)
    • Infantry(Hussar, RRF, Naval)
    • Engineering/Tech-savvy (Still need an engineering chief?)
    • Medical Personnel (I want a few, especially a main medic on-board)
    • Pilots, Primitives(My primitive species), etc. (I am pretty much looking for all types of characters, I just specified the ones I am looking for most)

Constitutional Dominion of Ersetu

  • The HMS Nemesis is seeking multiple characters, including, but not limited too: Ship's Master, Surgeon, sailor, Dragoon soldier, Quartermaster, Gunner

Elysian Celestial Empire


  • Baba Yaga Plot is looking for Phantasm pilots and pirates for the boarding team.
  • Knights Of Asteria is a band of bottom of the barrel, last chance misfits looking for more of their kind
  • The Crimson Corsairs needs anyone who's interested in becoming a 'privateer'
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