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Using the Chat

Star Army has a chatroom for discussion of the roleplaying setting and community, where we can interact in real-time and mentor new players in joining the community. You can find the link to the chat on the top of the forum, or click here: Chat

The chat room is part of the forum, so you'll want to log into the forum to use it. Depending on conditions, the chat may or may not have guest posting enabled. Even when it's available, it only shows your name as “guest” unless you're logged in, so we encourage you to register/log in.

Chat Rules

The following are the rules apply to the Chat (and the Shoutbox, if enabled):

  1. The Chat is primarily for Star Army discussion and general chat between members.
    1. Star-Army-related topics always take precedence and off-topic posting becomes unwelcome if it starts disrupting Star Army-related talk.
    2. Steer clear of “hot button” topics like real-world politics and religion.
    3. Extended discussions about computer games may be asked to stop if disruptive.
  2. The Chat is a respectful environment where all members should feel welcome and comfortable.
    1. No adult content or links in the Chat.
    2. No racism or hate
    3. No insulting other users.
    4. Do not use profanity.
      1. Occasional swearing is usually tolerated if not directed at any person.
      2. Mods may edit out the swear words.
  3. Don't discuss generally unlawful things such as recreational drugs or illegal file-sharing.
  4. Overly negative users or users who seem to be in the Chat to cause drama or who interfere with providing a positive experience (particularly for new players) will be banned from the Chat.
  5. Don't spam us with links to other RP sites or chatrooms.

Failure to follow the Chat rules can result in bans from the Chat or from the entire forum.

Chat Tips

  1. Don't choose a font color that is too light or dark because some people use light styles and others use dark styles.
  2. You can edit your posts.
  3. Missed a conversation? The Chat has an archive system in the options menu.

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