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Creating A Theradactan Character

This article is a work in progress; It is currently not approved as canon.

Creating a Character

Choose a Faction

Flag Faction Description
anansi_republic Liberal democracy that positions it against the Neolathians
neolath_regency Conservative theocracy built on the backs of slaves.
robertin_empire Conservative monarchy that has fallen far from their height.



New characters typically start at the Seaspider rank. This is standard.

Available Occupations

The following occupations are recommended for new players with Theradectan characters:

Skill Areas

You can find more skills and skill information here: Character Skill Areas

A Look

This section covers your character's appearance.


Chitin Color

Area of Birth Colors (Most common to least common) Size Differences
Anasansi Dark Brown, Dark Green, Yellow, Black
Neolath Black, Grey, Yellow, White (Royalty Only) White females smaller than average, except for their oversized heads. Males smaller than average.
Roberti Bright Green, Light Brown, Yellow, Red (Most likely royalty) Red males larger than average, with especially long legs and pincers.

OOC Notes

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