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Star Army offers feeds from the forums and the wiki.


Star Army's forum offers RSS feeds.


  • Potential for a new "enemy" faction? by [email protected] (Pancakei) (2017/03/29 09:51)
  • [Flight of the Dove] Episode 1: Royal Flush by [email protected] (Blizzard) (2017/03/29 06:57)
  • [Freespacers] Skeleton Ensemble by [email protected] (Primitive Polygon) (2017/03/29 06:17)
  • NSS Inquiry by [email protected] (Ametheliana) (2017/03/29 04:17)


Our wiki software, DokuWiki, maintains an XML feed through the feed.php, which can produce feeds in both RSS and ATOM formats.

Example returns a RSS 2.0 feed of the 3 most recent changes in the stararmy: namespace, as demonstrated below:


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