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Star Army offers feeds from our forums and our wiki. You can also embed feeds into Star Army wiki pages.

This is useful for doing things like showing the top and latest threads from your plot's subforum on your plot's wiki page.

Embedding RSS Feeds Into Wiki page

To embed a feed into a Dokuwiki page, see:

Using RSS Feeds from XenForo

Star Army's forum software, Xenforo 2, offers RSS feeds. For example, here is a feed from the Star Army forums.

Embedding the feed in a wiki article is done with the following code:

{{rss> 4 author date}}

Where the last hyphen is located in the above code is where to insert the forum's specific name and number address that can be found while on the forum in the URL bar. A completed rss feed code would look like this, with the specific forum's end url being applied:

{{rss> 4 author date}}

This in turn, will look like this:

As can be seen, it creates a great listing of past threads on this forum, including sticky threads if they have recently been posted in. Changing the given β€œ4” to a different number will produce that number of threads being shown.

It is to be noted that 18+ forums will not show recent threads within the wiki.

Using RSS Feeds from DokuWiki

Our wiki software, DokuWiki, maintains an XML feed through the feed.php, which can produce feeds in both RSS and ATOM formats. See Dokuwiki syndication.

Here's an example of a feed showing the 3 most recent changes in the stararmy: namespace:

Here's the code to embed the feed in the wiki:

{{rss> author date}}

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