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Out of Character

The term Out of Character (OOC or OoC) describes real-world communication that is not In-Character. OOC posts generally come in two forms: roleplay-related posts (such as plot discussion threads) and general discussion.

In the Star Army Roleplay Community, each plot forum has at least one OOC thread (typically a discussion thread for the plot, and a Joint Post scheduling thread if applicable. OOC threads in an IC forum are always marked with an [OOC] tag at the start of the topic title.

Secondary Usage

Out of Character can also be used to describe an In-Character action that was not in line with a character's established nature and/or personality. An example of an β€œOut of Character” action would be a normally kind, good person doing something evil. Player Characters that are improperly played by a Game Master (in the event of player absence and such) may have their posts rewritten under the Player's Rights.

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