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Creating a Hidden Sun Clan Character

Hidden Sun Clan Flag This page provides you with all of the instructions needed for making a character from the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.

By following these instructions you will have enough details to create a unique background for your character as well.


To start the creating you need to first come up with a name for your character. You can use either of the following links to create a name for your character.

Create a character sheet

  1. Create a new page by typing or copying the following url into your browser.<your character name>
  2. Change <your character name> to your character's name
  3. Click Create Page.
  4. Open the following page for the template for a Hidden Sun Clan character sheet.
  5. Copy the code section from the page and paste it into your new page.


Now that you have your character sheet, you need to decide which of the four species found within the clan you wish to play. The Qaktoro are the most common within the clan, followed by the Tula. However, you can play any one of the species. Each of the species has specific attributes and expectations. You can use the links to review the different species, once you choose which one you want to play, you may proceed with character creation.

Clan Species


Gender within the clan has no significance in the clan's culture. Males and females can hold any position within the clan, and have all of the same rights and privileges.

Physical Attributes

You need to determine the following physical attributes and put them on the character sheet. These will help give you mental image of your character. Are they short and so often feel the need to prove themselves? Or are they at the other end of the spectrum and prefer to intimidate those who are shorter? You can find the information appropriate for your character at this link: Jodau'lynuâ (Physiology)


You must choose a height for your character within the ranges listed for your chosen species. If you want your character to be taller or shorter than the norm, you will need to clear it with the Faction Manager and provide an explanation.


You can choose a weight for your character within the ranges listed for your chosen species. The weights are the normals, and there is enough flexibility for you to create a desired appearance. If you want your character to be thinner than usual choose a lower weight with a taller height. Also put what they can lift as indicated.

Build and Skin Color

Build is up to you although most characters are going to be fit, but there is still plenty of room for you to be creative. Choose a skin color from those listed for your species.

Eyes and ears

Ears have specific details depending upon the species. This is also true with the shape and alignment of the eyes. Also note the differences in the visual aspects.

Fur Color and accents

Choose a fur color from those listed, and decide what accents (if any) you want. They can have spots, stripes, or patches of color. List what color the accents are.

Distinguishing Features

Put the length of the tail, and any other unique features. Include any scars from any accidents or fights. Also list for your reference the type of hand your character has.


Qaktoro There are many factors in your character's life that can mold them and form their personality and ambitions. You may also want to look at the Kyn'ka (History) for events that could have affected your character's family. For example if your character comes from a smaller House, their house may have suffered during the Usonori Sate (Lean Times). Their parents living through that may have instilled certain views into their children. You can also look at the Jyaonjodau (Paradigms) to find information that might help you flesh out your character, or to use as events that happened caused by others.

These are some of the specific things you need to consider for your character.


The smallest social group within the Poku Saeruo Degonjo is a Punla (Family). A Punla consists of the spouses, children, and retainers. The size, composition, and status of the family are all things to consider. If they came from a large wealthy family, your character's view on life would be different than if they came from a small poor family. Think about the family structure, number of adults, siblings, etc. along with what their parents did for an Kâbo'kai (Occupations). After all, if their parents were gatherers, then they would have been away a lot of the time, so did your character travel with them, or stay home with other relatives?


The largest social group in the Poku Saeruo Degonjo is a Ruoka (House). They are groups of families which tend to hold common beliefs. Some of the Clan Houses can trace their history back to the pre-history. Depending on the size of the house your character belongs to, they may have a more privileged life.


Where did your character's birth take place? And what circumstances brought about them being born there? These are the typical locations that clan members are born. The list below has them in the order from the most common to the least common.

  • Sotâka Ruomâqi (World Station) this is the home to the Clan, but you should be more specific by choosing one of the following for your location. If you choose to have your character born using the last three, then you need to explain why they were born there instead of one of the others. You can also choose what residential district their family lived.

However ask yourself, were there any complications with your characters birth? Did your character live but their mother die? Did both of their parents die leaving them to be raised by other members of their family or house? Did your character know this from a young age, or did they learn on their own? If the mother died, did this affect how the father treated your character? Is your character a twin, and if so were they the younger or older? What was the relationship with their twin?

Birth locations

Tesgi Toioky

Officially your character was not considered a person until one month after birth in the Fofijo (Cleansed). That is when they get their name. However this does not mean that the ritual was not without some sort of events. For example, was your character a twin and did your sibling not pass the Fofijo?


Clan members typically send their children to the Ruohui Giba'te (Academies) to receive their education but in some rare instances the child is home schooled. If you choose this option, include a reason why the family chose to do so. Was it because the parents were off station most of the time and wanted the child to be with them? Think what growing up on a ship and visiting planets would do to your character.

If you choose to go with the more conventional option, you still need to decide if they went to a public school, or if they come from a large House, a private one. Did anything significant happen there? This can be something good or bad. Were they social and have a lot of friends? Or where they a bit of a misfit who found it difficult to fit in?


Clan members during their 14th and 15th year of their life typically will participate in 2-4 Kâbo'kai Ojme (Internship)s. These are intended to let your character decide what they want to do, but they may be exposed to real life incidents during the course of them that can leave an impression on the person. Therefore, it pays to think about your character and their internship. Was it relatively calm, or did something happen? Did they suffer an accident or end up in a hostile encounter with an alien vessel? After deciding what may have transpired, think how your character would have reacted to the event, and its consequences.


The last event in 'childhood' is the Baqnor (move from youth). This ritual is mandatory for all Qaktoro. Failure for them has serious consequences.

The other Poku'vonai such as the Qakla and Tuoro may take the ritual but with different consequences. It is rare for a Tula to choose to partake in the Baqnor but it has happened.


At this point you have enough information to write your character background. Make sure to include dates, names and places so that both you and the Game Master you can refer to it.

Jael and Occupation

At this point you need to decide which of the Jaeli (Sects) your character belongs to as well as their Kâbo'kai (Occupations).

A clan member normally starts out born into the same Jael as their parents. But they can choose to belong to another in the pursuit of their occupation. When you look at the occupations for your character; the pages provide information as to what Jael can be in that occupation.

All new characters start out as Sâvyjo (Junior Apprentice).


Okay now that you have worked out the significant events of your character's growing up it is time to work on the personality.

The first entry for the personality is your character's basic nature. Refer to events from the character's past you have worked on. If you decided that something happened back in the academy, then the effects of that could be in their personality. A person who was betrayed is likely to be private, or distrusting of those they first meet.

Likes and dislikes are up to you. They can reflect the quality of things they like, or favorite foods, drinks past times. The same can be said for dislikes.

Goals change during a person's life. So you should probably have a short term goal, and a long term goal. eg: Qito hope to make Senior Apprentice in a year. He also has hopes of someday commanding his own starship.

Boqatsou (Death curse) are common among the clan, especially with the warriors. It is an optional item however. And you do not need to keep the same one.


The character sheet template is already filled with the three standard starting skills for Hidden Sun Clan characters. Additionally, each occupation has the starting skills for that profession for you to add them to your character sheet. Past that, you are allowed up to seven skills on your character sheet. You can, for example decide to take the skill for musician, or cooking as an additional skill. Try to pick skills that make sense for your character, and challenge yourself to include at least one skill that you don't expect to come up in play but adds some dimension to your character.


On the character sheet is the standard issue for the clan. Some Jaeli (Sects) and occupations will give your character additional items that you need to add.

Next Steps

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