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Listing Your Character's Inventory

This page will help you to create an inventory section for your character's wiki biography page.

Standard Issue Pages

What your character is likely to possess depends greatly on their faction membership and occupation, or any lack thereof. If one of the following links is applicable to your character, please proceed to that page.

If you only have the standard issue gear, you can just link to the appropriate standard issue page instead of copying all the gear to your character page.

If you want to customize things, copy or add the wiki code for the items into the 'Inventory' field of your character page. Wiki code should be contained on the linked pages; see the bottom of this page for an example.

Inventory for Independent Characters

Independent characters' inventories will generally be as individual as the character; in these cases you should choose clothing, items and equipment that you feel would match your character while remaining within their starting budget (3000KS/HS or 6000DS). Remember, depending on where they start out, many items in the setting may not be available to them!

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