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List of Archived Plots

The following plots are those that are no longer being actively roleplayed in.

For a list of plots that are currently running, see Active Plots.

History of Star Army
2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2008 - 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019

Sorted Plots

Please keep the plots listed in the sections below sorted by their start date.

Plot Name GM Faction Type Started Ended Fate
YSS Yui Wes & Kim Yamatai SP/JP 01/26/2003 08/21/2003 Moved to YSS Seigi.
Empress' Palace Wes Yamatai SP/JP 06/19/2004 05/04/2014 Ended due to inactivity.
YSS Jade Yangfan Yamatai JP 06/22/2004 08/16/2004 Concluded.
YSS Rave Wes Yamatai JP 07/18/2004 08/13/2004 Ended due to inactivity.
YSS Celia Yangfan Yamatai SP/JP 08/19/2004 01/07/2008 Ended due to inactivity.
Second Draconian War Wes Yamatai JP 09/21/2004 03/04/2005 Concluded.
YSS Nozomi Wes Yamatai JP1) 09/23/2004 05/31/2005 Moved to YSS Sakura.
Shadow's Horrors2) Wes Yamatai JP 10/06/2004 12/14/2004 Concluded.
Horizon City: Conspiracies3) Zakalwe Independent SP/JP 10/09/2004 05/14/2006 Ended due to inactivity.
YSS Mirai Wes Yamatai JP 01/19/2005 05/31/2005 Concluded.
SS Kiroshi Tsuki & Zakalwe Independent SP/JP 05/01/2005 09/03/2005 Ended due to inactivity.
YSS Destiny Zakalwe Yamatai & Nepleslia SP/JP 05/13/2005 10/15/2005 Moved to YSS Confidence.
Space Pirates4) Various5) Independent SP/JP 06/09/2005 04/17/2007 Ended due to inactivity.
YSS Mikomi Sypher Yamatai SP/JP 07/20/2005 07/25/2006 Ended due to inactivity.
YSS Sakura Wes Yamatai JP 07/25/2005 06/08/2007 Concluded.
YSS Confidence Zakalwe Yamatai SP 08/05/2005 10/25/2005 Moved to YSS Valiant.
Fifth Expeditionary Fleet6) Various7) Yamatai SP/JP 08/11/2005 03/14/2008 Moved to UOC.
YSS Valiant Zakalwe Yamatai SP/JP 11/08/2005 11/30/2006 Concluded.
Nepleslian Senate Tom & Zack Nepleslia SP 05/17/2006 06/20/2010 Ended due to inactivity.
SRSS Yggdrasill Toshiro Independent SP/JP 07/14/2006 12/02/2008 Concluded.
YSS Miharu Fred & Doshii Jun Yamatai SP/JP 08/02/2006 12/31/2011 Moved to Black Knights.
YSS Goban Doshii Jun Yamatai SP 08/16/2006 04/03/2007 Ended due to inactivity.
NSS Alliance Various8) Nepleslia SP/JP 09/30/2006 01/14/2008 Ended due to inactivity.
ECS Sorella Zakalwe Elysia SP 12/10/2006 03/08/2007 Ended due to inactivity.
Pisces Station FM Yamatai SP/JP 01/05/2007 04/17/2007 Ended due to inactivity.
LSDF Reclaimer Karma Mechanic Lorath SP 01/23/2007 04/16/2007 Ended due to inactivity.
SAINT Ship YC-28 DocTomoe & Doshii Jun Yamatai SP/JP 04/04/2007 10/13/2009 Ended due to inactivity.
NSS Kestrel Fian Nepleslia SP 04/07/2007 04/16/2007 Ended due to inactivity.
ISC Phoenix - Volume 1 Luca Independent SP/JP 04/08/2007 11/05/2012 Moved to ISC Phoenix - Volume 2.
YSS Plumeria Wes Yamatai JP9) ~05/2007 ~09/2007 Concluded.10)
Kennewes Offensive11) Various12) Nepleslia SP/JP 10/04/2007 12/06/2007 Concluded.
HIGA Industrial Corporation MarQuid Independent SP/JP 10/04/2007 10/04/2007 Ended due to inactivity.
HMS Fearless Matthew Abwehran SP 10/04/2007 02/02/2009 Concluded.
Fort Ready Wes & Aria Yamatai SP 10/04/2007 05/27/2008 Concluded.
YSS Asuka Toshiro & Kim Yamatai SP/JP 10/05/2007 04/08/2010 Moved to UCS Vanguard.
YSS Elfin Princess Wes Yamatai JP 10/17/2007 12/11/2007 Moved to YSS Eucharis.
YSS Asamoya Soresu Yamatai JP 11/04/2007 04/11/2008 Moved to UOC.
The Maras DocTomoe & OsakanOne Independent SP/JP 12/09/2007 05/19/2010 Ended due to inactivity.
Cirrus Station Moon Man Nepleslia SP 12/19/2007 08/11/2013 Ended due to inactivity.
NSS Nerkat Various13) Nepleslia SP/JP 12/28/2007 07/30/2008 Moved to NSS Acadia.
Horizon's Key MissingNo Independent SP 01/09/2008 05/08/2009 Ended due to inactivity.
NSS Acadia Various14) Nepleslia SP/JP 01/27/2008 03/25/2011 Ended due to inactivity.
YSS Yuurei Andrew Yamatai SP 02/03/2008 04/13/2008 Ended due to inactivity.
YSS Moirai Zephyrite Yamatai SP/JP 03/02/2008 07/28/2008 Ended due to inactivity.
UOC Government Various15) UOC SP/JP 03/26/2008 09/18/2009 Ended due to inactivity.
Chouteisha Squadron Andrew & James UOC SP 04/10/2008 12/01/2008 Concluded.
UCS Vanguard Toshiro UOC SP 04/14/2008 10/09/2008 Ended due to inactivity.
UCS Akaramu Soresu UOC JP 05/04/2008 03/24/2009 Ended due to inactivity.
YSS Senbu16) 5tar Yamatai JP 05/09/2008 06/29/2009 Abandoned by GM.
Fourth Fleet Various17) Yamatai SP 05/13/2008 10/22/2010 Concluded.
LSDF Trishka DocTomoe Lorath SP/JP 08/10/2008 02/17/2013 Ended due to inactivity.
ECS Civetta di Cielo Orion Elysia SP 10/10/2008 11/20/2008 Ended due to inactivity.
YSS Genei mizunoyoroko Yamatai SP/JP 10/19/2008 12/15/2009 Ended due to inactivity.
11th Squadron raz & Wes Yamatai SP/JP 10/26/2008 05/16/2011 Ended due to inactivity.
UCS Zenpyou Kim UOC SP 12/16/2008 11/20/2010 Ended due to inactivity.
Bahram Wing Exhack & Soresu Iromakuanhe SP/JP 02/08/2009 07/09/2012 Ended due to inactivity.
Fort Ready II Various18) Yamatai SP 03/02/2009 12/09/2011 Ended due to inactivity.
SS Nanashi Kai & raz Independent19) JP 03/31/2009 03/31/2009 Concluded.
SS Raider Kai Independent20) SP/JP 05/11/2009 05/25/2010 Ended due to inactivity.
OIF Atuan Kai Independent21) SP 06/13/2009 11/05/2010 Moved to OIF Atuan II.
Dawn Station Kai Independent22) SP/JP 07/04/2009 08/03/2010 Ended due to inactivity.
HMS Remscheid Scot Abwehran SP 07/13/2009 05/21/2010 Concluded.
Freedom Down23) Wes Yamatai JP 08/04/2009 12/06/2009 Ended due to inactivity.
UCS Akuro III Andrew UOC JP 09/06/2009 09/06/2009 Ended due to inactivity.
YSS Illustrious Wes Yamatai SP 10/09/2009 01/25/2010 Ended due to inactivity.
ISC Enkidu PlaidMage & Matthew Independent SP/JP 12/13/2009 09/16/2010 Ended due to inactivity.
21st Squadron Nashoba Yamatai SP 01/16/2010 10/29/2014 Ended due to inactivity.
Task Force Phantom Samuel Yamatai SP/JP 03/13/2010 06/16/2010 Ended due to inactivity.
4th Fleet24) a former member & Zack Nepleslia SP/JP 04/05/2010 01/19/2015 Ended due to inactivity.
OIF Halberdine Kai Independent25) SP/JP 05/20/2010 10/13/2010 Abandoned by GM.
The Land of Dreamers Bilgecrank & Soresu Iromakuanhe SP 05/30/2010 03/27/2012 Ended due to inactivity.
69th Para-Military Squad Matthew Abwehran SP/JP 08/25/2010 12/04/2014 Ended due to inactivity.
OIF Atuan II CadetNewb & Kai Independent26) SP 11/11/2010 07/01/2013 Moved to OIF Atuan III.
Taking It Back Lamb Nepleslia SP/JP 02/14/2011 03/22/2013 Concluded.
Francia Fian Nepleslia SP 02/22/2011 03/27/2012 Ended due to inactivity.
Operation Chevalier Cy83r K0rp53 Nepleslia SP 03/09/2011 05/03/2011 Ended due to inactivity.
YSS Genesis Kai Yamatai & Independent27) SP/JP 05/09/2011 12/24/2012 Abandoned by GM.
YSS Hokorimasu 5tar Yamatai JP 06/02/2011 06/02/2011 Abandoned by GM.
Seventh Fleet28) Andrew & Christina Yamatai SP/JP 06/07/2011 05/29/2013 Ended due to inactivity.
XSS Tiavareth Samuel NMX SP/JP 07/26/2011 05/28/2012 Ended due to inactivity.
Black Spiral 44th Fireteam Doshii Jun Yamatai SP/JP 09/01/2011 04/17/2014 Moved to Black Knights.
YSS Anoiktos Aendri Yamatai & Elysia SP 01/29/2012 04/11/2012 Abandoned by GM.
SNV Gam'trosha Kyle & Nashoba Neshaten SP/JP 02/27/2012 11/02/2016 Ended due to inactivity.
Journeymen 3 Nashoba Yamatai SP/JP 04/04/2012 03/22/2013 Concluded.
NSS Altomir Moon Man Nepleslia SP/JP 04/20/2012 10/05/2013 Ended due to inactivity.
Unit Four Various29) Yamatai SP 04/25/2012 12/31/2013 Ended due to inactivity.
Task Force Lantern Gallant & Bilgecrank Yamatai SP/JP 04/26/2012 11/29/2014 Concluded.
NSS Venus a former member & ShotJon Nepleslia SP/JP 08/01/2012 12/08/2013 Ended due to inactivity.
Black Knights Fred Yamatai SP/JP 09/07/2012 10/04/2018 Concluded.
Operation Kōzan raz Yamatai SP 10/30/2012 05/17/2013 Ended due to inactivity.
ISC Phoenix - Volume 2 Luca Independent SP/JP 12/16/2012 05/29/2017 Concluded.
Fifth Standard Fleet Kai & CadetNewb Yamatai SP/JP 02/19/2013 03/06/2018 Ended due to inactivity.
YSS Sakishima Various30) Yamatai SP/JP 03/30/2013 02/06/2018 Ended due to inactivity.
ISC Chimera Ira & Jimmy Independent SP/JP 07/04/2013 10/19/2013 Ended due to inactivity.
WAP Yome Ismâopate Nashoba HSC SP 12/03/2013 06/04/2018 Ended due to inactivity.
OIF Atuan III Kai Independent31) SP/JP 01/27/2014 03/02/2015 Abandoned by GM.
The Fringe Floodwaters & Yoshi Independent SP/JP 03/26/2014 07/04/2015 Ended due to inactivity.
YSS Soyokaze Yoshi Yamatai SP/JP 03/28/2014 10/14/2016 Abandoned by GM.
Bloody Claws Kyle & Semjax Neshaten SP 06/22/2014 11/19/2016 Ended due to inactivity.
Terraforming Team Lamb Independent32) SP 10/20/2014 03/01/2016 Abandoned by GM.
The Black Vipers Semjax Independent SP/JP 11/13/2014 05/12/2016 Abandoned by GM.
Service to the Free State a former member & Lamb Nepleslia & Freespacers SP/JP 12/01/2014 04/14/2016 Abandoned by GM.
YSS Heartbreaker Reynolds Yamatai SP/JP 01/17/2015 06/11/2017 Concluded.
YSS Anoiktos Semjax Yamatai & Elysia SP 02/04/2015 05/04/2016 Abandoned by GM.
Francia CadetNewb Nepleslia SP 02/28/2015 05/30/2015 Abandoned by GM.
YSS Ryūjō Various33) Yamatai SP 03/04/2015 02/23/2018 Abandoned by GM.
Field Team Six Saul Nepleslia SP 04/18/2015 05/29/2015 Abandoned by GM.
Aquila Flight Various34) Nepleslia SP/JP 05/26/2015 08/01/2017 Ended due to inactivity.
YSS Takamagahara Gunsight1 Yamatai SP/JP 08/15/2015 11/30/2016 Ended due to inactivity.
OIF Salvation Syaoran Independent35) SP 08/27/2015 12/20/2016 Ended due to inactivity.
1st Expeditionary Mechanized Force Foxtrot813 Nepleslia SP 10/13/2015 03/24/2016 Ended due to inactivity.
LSDF Val'ta Luca Lorath SP/JP 10/23/2015 07/23/2016 Ended due to inactivity.
Orochi Squadron paladinrpg Yamatai SP 12/28/2015 12/03/2017 Moved to Task Force Inquisition.
Ragnarok Gunhand4171 Independent SP/JP 01/04/2016 10/29/2016 Ended due to inactivity.
Entrenched Dragonnova Independent SP 01/21/2016 04/13/2016 Ended due to inactivity.
Echoes of Dead Pilots Jimmy Independent SP 03/13/2016 05/12/2016 Ended due to inactivity.
Promised Land Dumont Nepleslia SP 05/15/2016 12/16/2016 Abandoned by GM.
Skeleton Ensemble Primitive Polygon Freespacers SP 05/30/2016 08/20/2017 Ended due to inactivity.
YE 38: Astral Reverie raz Yamatai JP 05/31/2016 08/03/2016 Concluded.
joint_datass_taskforce Gunhand4171 Nepleslia & Lorath SP 08/26/2016 02/25/2017 Ended due to inactivity.
Psychopomp Ace Independent SP/JP 10/23/2016 09/14/2018 Ended due to inactivity.
HAS Reva Maya Legix & Ametheliana Iromakuanhe SP/JP 12/31/2016 01/05/2017 Ended due to inactivity.
Ulyshi Ametheliana & Gunhand4171 Independent SP/JP 02/17/2017 06/02/2018 Ended due to inactivity.
Dream World Ametheliana Iromakuanhe SP/JP 02/18/2017 10/08/2017 Concluded.
YSS Imperator HAMnJAM Yamatai SP/JP 04/30/2017 11/14/2017 Concluded.
YSS Kōkatsu raz Yamatai SP/JP 06/06/2017 07/18/2018 Ended due to inactivity.
Fort Hajime Ametheliana & Immortal Cyan Yamatai SP/JP 07/06/2017 10/13/2017 Ended due to inactivity.
Sector Searchers Alex Hart Independent SP/JP 07/17/2017 04/23/2018 Ended due to inactivity.
Purgatory Ametheliana & Gallant Yamatai JP 08/31/2017 08/31/2017 Ended due to inactivity.
YSS Wyvern Ethereal Yamatai & Elysia SP 10/07/2017 01/16/2018 Ended due to inactivity.
Ascension Elysia SP 10/18/2017 12/04/2018 Abandoned by GM.
Osman University Jack Pine Independent SP/JP 10/31/2017 07/05/2018 Ended due to inactivity.
Baba Yaga ArsenicJohn & Bullroarer Independent SP/JP 11/01/2017 06/06/2018 Ended due to inactivity.
Lost Colony Madi Harper & Jack Pine Independent SP 11/22/2017 05/27/2018 Ended due to inactivity.
Task Force Inquisition paladinrpg & Ethereal Yamatai SP/JP 12/06/2017 11/09/2018 Ended due to inactivity.
YSS Kikyō Ametheliana Yamatai SP/JP 03/11/2018 07/17/2018 Ended due to inactivity.
Kallaris Protectors Bloodyscarlet Independent SP 06/29/2018 08/02/2018 Ended due to inactivity.

Unsorted Plots

The following plots need to be added to the chart in the previous section.

NSMC 309th

The 309th stars many marines, all part of a once elite and experienced fighting force of Nepleslia. After the group was stripped of various commanding staff, the group formed multiple platoons and divisions. Juno and his group take on friendly and foreign worlds, restoring order or upsetting balance as they try to both cut it in the grand deeps of space as they rebuild the reputation of the 309th and uphold Nepleslia's honor. Accompanying the 309th, the 78th's Aquila Flight covers the skies and stars, ensuring the effective warfare of the entire Nepleslian military.

NSMC 309th
Forum Link Click Here
Type Play-by-Post
Faction Nepleslia
Game Master Legix
Pacing 5-7 days
Number of Players 13
Accepting Players? Yes
Joining Requirements 18+, Contact Legix

YSS Aeon

The YSS Aeon was designed for war, and her commander was forged by war. Now both are assigned to exploration for the Star Army of Yamatai. With peace once more in the sector the Aeon embarks on a journey of discovery looking for the homeworld of a new species called the Neshaten.

YSS Aeon
YSS Aeon
Forum Link YSS Aeon Roleplay Forum
Type Play-by-Post
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Game Master Nashoba
Pacing Post every 3 days
Number of Players 4
Accepting Players? Y
Joining Requirements Contact Nashoba

YSS Eucharis

Famous admiral Hanako and the awesome and unique crew of the YSS Eucharis race across known space exploring worlds and getting into fights with the Empire's enemies. The YSS Eucharis plot is a long-running, newbie-friendly “classic” style plot run by the site's founder, Wes, who uses it as a vehicle to portray life in the Star Army of Yamatai and to showcase the events happening in the Yamatai Star Empire and the Star Army universe in general. Winner of the 2012 & 2014 Simulation Cups and the 2013 Tournament of Sims: Best Original Sci-Fi Sim.

YSS Eucharis Plot
YSS Eucharis Beauty Shot
Forum Link YSS Eucharis
RP Type Play-by-Post
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Game Master Wes
Pacing Requires a post every 2-3 days
Number of Players 5
Accepting Players? Yes
Joining Requirements Talk to Wes

Bounty Hunter Series

A small group of warriors performing mercenary and bounty jobs for profit.

Bounty Hunter Series
Forum Link Forum
Type Play-by-Post
Faction Independent
Game Master Whitehart
Pacing Once every 1-2 weeks
Number of Players
Accepting Players? Yes
Joining Requirements Contact GM with character idea

Firebrand Crew

Firebrand Crew is an independent plot that will take a rag-tag crew of individuals from every walk of life and try to fill their ego alongside their pockets as they undertake mercenary work high-risk salvage operations under the command of Vinni Firebrand on board the Veilburner II.

It will be hard, it will be grueling – will it be worth it?36)

Firebrand Crew
Forum Link OOC thread
Type Play-by-Post/ Joint Posts
Faction Independent
Game Master SirSkully
Pacing 1 post minimum per fortnight, will adapt to players
Number of Players 3 confirmed, 2 awaiting confirmation
Accepting Players? Yes!
Joining Requirements Contact SirSkully for more info, preferably through discord

Horizon Expeditionary Force

Armed with a behemoth of a land vehicle and a crew of skilled if not money hungry adventurers the Expeditionary Force has been tasked to complete various dangerous jobs in the deserts and wastes of 188604. They will fight bandits, sand, ghosts and even some unicorns in pursuit of completing the task at hand for that sweet cash.

Horizon Expeditionary Force
Forum Link OOC Thread
Type Play-by-Post
Faction Independent/Galactic Horizon
Game Master club24
Pacing Varies
Number of Players 5
Accepting Players? YES
Joining Requirements contact club24

ECV Raven

A civilian-based exploration plot aiming to uncover lost secrets of the Ancient Elysians by following the trail of an ancient starship.

ECV Raven
Forum Link Click Here
Type Play-by-Post
Faction Elysian Celestial Empire
Game Master club24
Pacing Varies
Number of Players 5
Accepting Players? YES37)
Joining Requirements Contact club24

13th Precinct

This plot follows the action of a group DTR operators and their daily lives in the city of Roger Wilco City. Fighting and protecting the citizens of the city in situations ranging from the mundane to the bizarre. Join or follow them as they encounter dangerous if not non-sensible situations such as wild and rampant escaped mutants, Strange costumed vigilantes, Stubborn old men, And attempted demonic summoning.

The plot is 16+ and new player welcoming!

13th Precinct
Type Play-by-Post
Faction Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia
Game Master Charmaylarg
Pacing 7-10 days
Number of Players 5
Accepting Players? yes
Joining Requirements 16+

OIF Reaper

A small band of rugged and intelligent people; technicians and engineers working together to recover wrecked starships, lost technology, and other valuable items from often dangerous situations. specialists in making broken things work again, if only temporarily, their jobs help to restore things to their owners, as well as build Origin Industries' good reputation.

OIF Reaper
Forum Link OIF Reaper thread
Type Play-by-Post
Faction Origin Industries
Game Master Kai
Pacing Minimum of one post per week, more if possible
Number of Players 4
Accepting Players? Potentially
Joining Requirements Talk to Kai

ISS Dig-It

When you take some Kudhacari and throw them into a ship, they obviously want to mine things! The plot follows the adventures of Dhaval Dhawan and his many companions, employees, and hanger-ons as they try to strike it rich with jobs and find the ultimate haul! The focus of the plot is on the operation of mecha, creating technology, and mining/construction-based jobs. This is carried out through a push through uncharted space, fueled by a desire to find the Kudhacari homeworld of Eutherion.

ISS Dig-It
Forum Link OOC Thread
Type Play-by-Post,Joint Posts
Faction Independent.
Game Master Legix
Pacing Once every 5 days / JP Progress
Number of Players 3
Accepting Players? YES
Joining Requirements 18+, Contact Legix

NSV Furi'ken

The Furi'ken is tasked with uncovering the identity of a mole that is constantly causing problems for the Neshaten, although their task won't be easy, not only will they need to deal with terrorists but also with an unexpected enemy that threatens not just them but the entire Kingdom.

SNV Furi'ken
None yet
Forum Link
Type Play-by-Post
Faction Kingdom of Neshaten
Game Master Kyle
Pacing SP, 2-4
Number of Players 4
Accepting Players? Yes
Joining Requirements Contact Kyle please

Project Hestia

Project Hestia follows a secret training mission of the Elysian Celestial Empire as they try to defend themselves after the recent withdrawal of the Star Army's Tenth Standard Fleet.

Project Hestia
Forum Link OOC Page
Type Play-by-Post
Faction Elysian Celestial Empire
Game Master Bman142
Pacing 1 post every 2 weeks, will adapt
Number of Players 8 spaces open
Accepting Players? Yes
Joining Requirements Contact Bman142 on the forum or on Discord

Setareh Wing

Setareh Wing is a mission-based RP GM'd by Ametheliana. A highly trained and skilled team of Frame Runners and their keen commander make up the Setareh Wing. Given orders by the Astral Vanguard to seek out and destroy New Veyrin Republic military installations as part of the War of Reclamation. The wing is a capable one and the plot focuses on characters' abilities and strengths as well as the way they work both together and singlehandedly to vanquish their opponents.

Setareh Wing
Forum Link OOC Setareh Wing
Type Play-by-Post
Faction Iromakuanhe
Game Master Ametheliana
Pacing Post every 7-10 days
Number of Players 6
Accepting Players? NO
Joining Requirements Contact Ametheliana

Essia Occupation

Red Dawn in the Jungle with Separa'Shan.

Essia Occupation
Forum Link OOC Thread
Type Play-by-Post
Faction Yamatai
Game Master Soban
Pacing 1 post a week
Number of Players 5
Accepting Players? Yes!
Joining Requirements Talk to Soban

Non-Canon Plots

The plots listed below were not part of the Star Army setting.

Plot GM
D&D 3.5 Gabriel
Pathfinder: The Depths of Golarion Gallant
1st Special Operations Reconnaissance Team Kai

OOC Notes

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