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-====== New Players'​ Guide ====== +====== New Players'​ Guide 🔰 ====== 
-Welcome to Star Army! This article has the basic steps and info you'll need to participate. Please read it thoroughly.+Welcome to Star Army! This article has the basic steps and info you'll need to participate.
-==== Registration ===== +In Star Army, you and other members create characters who live in the high-tech fictional universe of Star Army and then use your imagination to write your character'​s actions and dialogue to create collaborative stories. You can create and play characters forged by this unique universe and their actions will affect the [[:​setting|setting]] for future players.
-**Note:** You must be **16 or older** to join Star Army.+
-  * [[http://​​roleplay/​ucp.php?​mode=register|Register an account ​on the forums]] +For the full guide to roleplaying ​on Star Army, see [[guide:roleplaying]].
-  * [[http://​​wiki/​doku.php?​id=start&​do=register|Register an account for the wiki]] (You'​ll need a wiki account to create an article for your character bio).+
-==== Creating a Character ==== 
-The online [[creating_a_character|Character Creation Guide]] (CCG) is your primary resource for making your character. ​ Note that there are several **species-specific character creation guides** to help you. Before you make your character, if possible, do a little background reading on the role-play and get an idea of the plot you want to join. Once you're somewhat familiar with the role-play setting, you'll want to get started with the CCG. It should give you vital information for your character, based on your choices. The character creation guide is meant to be easy, but also to be in-depth, and you may find your brain feeling tired if you try to go through it too fast. Take plenty of time to think about your character in advance, and the possibilities of what he/she could be. 
-=== Join A Major Faction ​=== +===== Account Setup ===== 
-We strongly suggest your first character serve in the [[:​star_army_of_yamatai]] or [[nepleslia:​military]];​ this is the best way for you to get a feel of the Star Army universeWith a **plot ship**, there will be other characters around ​to interact withwhereas if you made an independent character, you might be on your own. Civilian and other types of characters are available, but characters in major factions are usually easiest to play because they get the most resources and guidance and the most adventures and plots to be in (after all, it is a military themed RP).+Star Army is an "​account per player"​ (APP) site, which means each member should only have one account for the forums. The same login will be used for all of your charactersYou must be **16 or older** to join Star Army. There is no cost to join or participate. Before joining, you should probably read the [[guide:​rules]].
-==== Questions and Assistance ==== +Register an account on [[https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php|the forums]] by clicking "Log in or Sign up" on the upper right corner of the page. You're invited ​to then introduce yourself in the [[https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php?​forums/​introductions-new-member-resources.159/​|Introductions & New Players Forum]].
-There are many ways to get help+
-  ​* The [[http://​​roleplay/posting.php?mode=post&f=7|Your Questions Answered forum]] allows you to get your questions answered by the community. You will need a forum login. +Optional: Create a wiki account. **The wiki login system is separate from the forum one, so you will need to register for both.** You'll need a wiki account to create and edit wiki articles (such as if you want to make a page for your character). ​[[https://​​wiki/doku.php?id=start&do=register|Register an account ​for the wiki]].
-  * You can [[http://​​stararmy-chat|Connect to the Chatroom]] ​for live assistance ([[guide:​irc|IRC Guide]]) +
-  * You can call or text message ​the admin, [[user:Wes]], at (209) STAR-ARMY (+12097827276). +
-  * You can email the admin at [[[email protected]]]+
-==== Submitting Your Character ==== +:!: If you have trouble registeringcontact the admin. See the **Questions and Assistance** section below. Star Army uses advanced anti-spam methods that may occasionally flag a legitimate user for further review based on IP address, email, username, or other characteristics.
-When you're done with your character biographyyou'll need to:+
-  - Add your bio to the wiki (if you'​re ​not sure howsee the steps below) +===== Creating Characters ===== 
-    - Go the [[:​list_of_notable_characters]], follow the link to your faction, and then click "Edit this page" and add a link to your your character+When you'​re ​readystart making characters using the guides found on the **[[creating_a_character|Creating A Character]]** wiki page. Once your character ​is approved ​you're free to start [[guide:Roleplaying]] by joining a [[active_plots|plot]] group or by joining or creating ​roleplay thread.
-    - Save the page and then click the (red) link you just made. It'll take you to a page that says "This page hasn't been created."​ +
-    - Click "​Create This Page" and insert your character biography code you made using the [[http://​​templates/​character.php|Character Template]]+
-    - Make any final adjustments needed and then save your Wiki bio. After saving it, copy its URL. +
-  - Go to the [[http://​​roleplay/​viewforum.php?​f=16|new biography forum]] and create ​topic containing a link to the bio page you just created.+
-==== Review and Approval ==== +  * [[https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php?​forums/​open-roleplaying.194/​|Open Roleplaying]] threads ​are a great place to start. 
-If there are no problems, approval will usually be quick and painlessIf there are issues with your biography, the game master will do his best to help you adjust it so that it makes sense or fits in the role-playThe most common sources of problems are overpowered,​ glorious histories ​and skills, story continuity issues (things that wouldn'​t make sense, like joining ​the Star Army before it was founded), ​and lack of detail.+  * Got an idea for a roleplay thread? Start an interest check thread ​in the [[https://​​roleplay-forum/index.php?​forums/​ooc-plot-planning.28/​|OOC ​and Plot Planning]] forum. 
 +  * Find other players to RP with in the [[https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php?​forums/​introductions-new-players.159/​|Introductions ​and New Players]] forum.
-**NOTE: If you update/edit your bio, post a reply to its thread so the reviewers will know to look at it again!** 
-A character forum moderator will post approval of your character in the forum thread you posted. The topic will then be moved to the [[http://​​roleplay/​viewforum.php?​f=20|APPROVED forum]] (so if your character thread seems missing, check there!). The character forum moderator will should also send a private message to the GM of the plot you listed as your first preference. We encourage you to also send your own private message to the plot GM introducing yourself. 
-The plot GM should post in your approved character thread ​to tell you if your character is accepted into the plot. In the unlikely event your character is approved but cannot be acceptedthe GM (or if he is not available, the Faction Manager or Setting Manager) will post a notice in the approved character thread ​and then contact your second choice plot GM on your behalf. ​If your character is in the militaryyou will also get an orders thread in the appropriate communications forum. It will tell your character where to go and serves as a record of his/her military service including transfers, awards, and promotions.+===== Questions and Assistance ===== 
 +Getting into Star Army is easiest when you ask someone ​to mentor ​you through it, and we're happy to do that! If we haven'​t volunteered yetjust ask! You've got questions: there are many ways to get answers or help:
-Once you're accepted into the plot, edit the [[:list_of_active_plots|plot's page]] so your character is on their crew roster (or ask your GM to).+  * Post on the forums (Ask questions in the [[https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php?​forums/​introductions-new-players.159/​|Introduction forum]] or [[https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php?​forums/​setting-discussion.2/​|Setting Discussion]]). 
 +  * Talk to people in the [[https://​​RunXe4p|Discord chat]] 
 +  * You can also contact [[user:​Wes]],​ the admin: [[https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php?​conversations/​add&​to=Wes|Start a Conversation with Wes]] 
 +    * if you can't log in, email [email protected] or text to 1-209-782-7276
-=== Inventory === 
-If you haven'​t already, you will want to figure out what your character owns. To be fair to all players, each of their characters initially starts with three-thousand KS (or equiv lent) on his/her electronic money card, minus the cost of items the character starts with. Military characters are also usually loaned a predetermined bundle of standard-issue equipment such as uniforms for no cost. The equipment varies by faction. Ask your GM if you need help finding it. 
-If you want more than three-thousand KS of items to start with, your character can go up to seven-thousand KS in debt, although this is not recommended. You might also save money by buying used items, which usually are around fifty to seventy percent the original cost of the item (I pity you if you buy used soap, though). To make things easy, for things that aren't found on the price lists, one KS is about equal to one US dollar. See: [[:​prestige_system]]. 
-=== Start Roleplaying === 
-Once you're in a plot, start role-playing! If it's a single-post plot you can start right away (or as soon as it makes sense in the plot). If it's a [[:​joint_post]] plot, then find out when the next chat session is (most plots have a scheduling thread in their forum). 
-==== Roleplaying ==== 
-=== Play-by-Post === 
-Most Star Army roleplay is done by posting directly onto a thread (or start a new one), which is called a [[single_posts|Single Post]]. Sometimes single posts are consolidated into compilations. 
-=== Alternate Methods === 
-== Joint Posts == 
-For JPs, we usually arrange a meeting time or just spontaneously start role-playing with whoever is on [[http://​|Yahoo! Instant Messenger]] or IRC that fits into a plot. These RP sessions usually last about an hour or two and when we're done, one of the people in the RP session saves, edits, and posts the transcript (then referred to as a [[:​joint_post]]) onto the boards. The above methods of RP are why some parts of the board tend to have big, long posts with multiple characters and few replies--so don't let them intimidate you, they'​re just giant edited transcripts. 
-== Group Posts == 
-Etherpad and Google Wave are real-time multi-user communication tools that allow roleplayers to write a group RP post simultaneously. No plot has made this the standard RP method so far, but it is catching on and many GMs have expressed interest and have used it for roleplay posts. 
-=== Your Rights === 
-See: [[:​player_rights]] 
-==== Basic Rules ==== 
-  * Communicate with your [[:​game_master]]. 
-  * Do not control other people'​s characters. 
-  * Write well. Your posts should be easy to read. Please use proper spelling and grammar and post in third person. 
-  * Don't disappear on us. Don't vanish and leave people waiting on a post that will never come. 
-    * Absences are fine as long as you give advance warning in your plot's OOC thread. 
-    * If you need to leave a plot, follow the instructions here: [[guide:​leaving]] ​ 
-Full rules are available here: [[guide:​rules]] 
-==== Appendix: Role-playing Terminology used in the Star Army Role-Play ==== 
-  * **JP (Joint Post)**; An edited transcript of a real-time chat role-play session between multiple players, posted on the in-character story forums. Basically, everyone agrees on a time (or happens to be online) and meets up in a Yahoo conference to roleplay. See: [[:​joint_post]] and [[joint_posts]]. 
-  * **IC (In-Character)**;​ Content that is in the story world. 
-  * **NPC:** Characters whose actions are not written role-players,​ but rather by the [[:​game_master]] (GM). See: [[:​non-player_characters]]. 
-  * **END:** End of a role-playing session in a chat room. (PAUSE or OFF may also be used) 
-  * **ON: [Location]**:​ Start of a role-playing session in a chat room. This denotes the scene. If your character isn't in that scene, you probably shouldn'​t post IC except for entering that scene. 
-  * **OOC:** Out-of-Character;​ Content that is not part of the story world (real life). 
-  * **PC:** Player character; characters whose actions and dialogue is written by a role-player. See: [[:​player_characters]]. 
-  * **Scene:** The setting and timeline of a JP, as directed by the GM. 
-  * **SP (Single Post)**; A role-play post by a single player, posted directly to the in-character story forums. See: [[single_posts]]. 
-==== Other helpful pages ==== 
-  * [[creating_a_character|Character Creation Guide]] 
-  * [[:​glossary_of_sarp_terminology]] 
-  * [[:​frequently_asked_questions]] 
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