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-====== New Players'​ Guide ====== +====== New Players'​ Guide 🔰 ====== 
-Welcome to Star Army! This article has the basic steps and info you'll need to participate. Please read it thoroughly.+Welcome to Star Army! This article has the basic steps and info you'll need to participate.
-{{http://​​images/​people_and_armors.jpg}}+===== How Does RP Work Here? ===== 
 +In Star Army, you and other members create characters who live in the high-tech fictional universe of Star Army and then use your imagination to write your character'​s actions and dialogue to create collaborative storiesThat's role-playing (RP). Your character'​s actions will affect the shared [[:​setting|setting]] for future players.
-==== How Star Army Works ==== +RP is done on the forums and we also have a Discord channel for chatting. It's OK to do RPs in chat and then post them to the forum. For the full guide to roleplaying on Star Army, see [[guide:roleplaying]].
-In a nutshellStar Army works like this:+
-  - You create ​your character+===== Creating Characters ===== 
-  - Imagine yourself in that character'​s shoes and write what he/she would do and say (That's roleplaying).+When you're ready, start making characters using the guides found on the **[[creating_a_character|Creating A Character]]** wiki page. Once your character ​is approved you're free to start [[guide:​Roleplaying]] by joining a [[active_plots|plot]] group or by joining or creating a roleplay thread.
-==== Account Registration ===== +  * [[https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php?​forums/​open-roleplaying.194/​|Open Roleplaying]] threads are a great place to start. 
-You must be **16 or older** to join Star ArmyThere is no cost to join or participate.+  Got an idea for a roleplay thread? Start an interest check thread in the [[https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php?​forums/​ooc-plot-planning.28/​|OOC and Plot Planning]] forum. 
 +  ​Find other players ​to RP with in the [[https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php?​forums/​introductions-new-players.159/​|Introductions and New Players]] forum.
-The wiki login system ​is separate from the forum oneso you will need to register for both.+===== Account Setup ===== 
 +Star Army is an "​account per player"​ (APP) site, which means each member should only have one account for the forums. ​The same login will be used for all of your characters. You must be **18 or older** to join Star Army. There is no cost to join or participate. Before joining, you should probably read the [[guide:​rules]].
-  - [[http://​​roleplay/​ucp.php?​mode=register|Register an account on the forums]] +Register an account on [[https://​​roleplay-forum/index.php|the forums]] ​by clicking "Log in or Sign up" on the upper right corner of the page. You're invited to then introduce yourself in the [[https://​​roleplay-forum/index.php?forums/​introductions-new-member-resources.159/|Introductions ​New Players Forum]].
-    * You're invited to introduce yourself in the [[http://​​roleplay/​viewforum.php?f=159|Introductions Forum]]. +
-    * Forum accounts with 0 posts are regularly deleted as an anti-spam measure, so post something! +
-  ​[[http://​​doku.php?​id=start&do=register|Register an account for the wiki]] +
-    * You'll need a wiki account to create an article for your character page. +
-    * No wiki knowledge is required to post your character; We have a form that automatically adds the wiki code for you.+
-==== Questions ​and Assistance ​==== +Optional: Create a wiki account. **The wiki login system is separate from the forum one, so you will need to register for both.** You'll need a wiki account to create ​and edit wiki articles (such as if you want to make a page for your character). [[https://​​wiki/​doku.php?​id=start&​do=register|Register an account for the wiki]].
-There are many ways to get help: +
-  - The [[http://​​roleplay/​posting.php?​mode=post&​f=7|Your Questions Answered forum]] allows ​you to get your questions answered by the communityYou will need a forum login. +:!: If you have trouble registering,​ contact ​the adminSee the **Questions ​and Assistance** section belowStar Army uses advanced anti-spam methods that may occasionally flag a legitimate ​user for further review based on IP addressemail, username, or other characteristics.
-  - You can [[http://​​stararmy-chat|Connect to the Chatroom]] ​and ask our members for assistance ([[guide:​irc|IRC Guide]]) +
-  - You can email the admin at [[[email protected].com]] +
-  ​You can call or text message the admin, [[user:Wes]]at (209) STAR-ARMY (+12097827276). +
-  - You can Tweet questions to [[https://​​StarArmy|@StarArmy on Twitter]] +
-  - A list of [[guide:​rules|rules can be found here]]+
-==== Creating ​and Roleplaying Characters ​==== +===== Questions ​and Assistance ===== 
-Start your first character using the guide: **[[creating_a_character|Creating A Character]]**. Once your character ​is approved ​you'​re ​free to start [[guide:​Roleplaying]]!+Getting into Star Army is easiest when you ask someone to mentor you through it, and we'​re ​happy to do thatIf we haven'​t volunteered yet, just ask! You've got questions: there are many ways to get answers or help:
-==== Other Helpful Pages ==== +  * Post on the forums (Ask questions in the [[https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php?​forums/​introductions-new-players.159/​|Introduction forum]] or [[https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php?​forums/​setting-discussion.2/​|Setting Discussion]]). 
-  * [[:glossary_of_sarp_terminology]] +  * Talk to people in the [[https://​​RunXe4p|Discord chat]] 
-  * [[:frequently_asked_questions]]+  * You can also contact ​[[user:Wes]], the admin: [[https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php?​conversations/​add&​to=Wes|Start a Conversation with Wes]] 
 +    * if you can't log in, email [email protected]

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