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New Players' Guide & FAQ

Welcome to Star Army! This article has the basic steps and info you'll need to participate. Please read it thoroughly.


How Star Army Works

In a nutshell, Star Army works like this:

  1. You create your character.
  2. Imagine yourself in that character's shoes and write what he/she would do and say (That's roleplaying).

Account Registration

You must be 16 or older to join Star Army. There is no cost to join or participate.

The wiki login system is separate from the forum one, so you will need to register for both.

    1. You're invited to introduce yourself in the Introductions Forum.
    2. Important notes: Forum accounts with 0 posts are regularly deleted as an anti-spam measure, so post something! Also, newly registered users start with private messages disabled and may require posts to be approved by a moderator in some forums until after their third post.
    1. You'll need a wiki account to create an article for your character page.
    2. No wiki knowledge is required to post your character; We have a form that automatically adds the wiki code for you. It's linked on the Creating A Character article.

Questions and Assistance

There are many ways to get help:

  1. The Your Questions Answered forum allows you to get your questions answered by the community. You will need a forum login.
  2. You can Connect to the Chatroom and ask our members for assistance (IRC Guide)
  3. You can email the admin at
  4. You can call or text message the admin, Wes, at (209) STAR-ARMY (+12097827276).
  5. You can Tweet questions to @StarArmy on Twitter

Creating and Roleplaying Characters

Start your first character using the guide: Creating A Character. Once your character is approved you're free to start Roleplaying!


Here's some links to answers for frequently asked questions:

General Questions

Roleplaying Questions

Setting Questions

Wiki Questions

Other Questions

If your question is not listed above, please ask it in the Your Questions Answered Forum it will be answered and may be added to the above list.

Other Helpful Pages

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