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New Players' Guide

Welcome to Star Army! This article has the basic steps and info you'll need to participate. Please read it thoroughly.


How Star Army Works

Star Army is a forum-based roleplaying game community. Roleplaying (RP) is controlling a fictional character's actions and dialogue. In Star Army, you and other members create new characters who live in the high-tech fictional universe of Star Army and then write your character's actions and dialogue to create collaborative stories. Unlike tabletop RPGs, Star Army is mostly writing and does not use complex game mechanics (math). We post in third-person, past tense, like a novel. Most story plots have a Game Master (GM) assigned whose job is to post about the setting and the actions of background characters (NPCs).

Setting Overview

β€œThe Earth is the cradle of mankind, but one cannot remain in the cradle forever.” - Konstantin Tsiolkovsk

After endless wars, Earth has become merely a legend. Humanity has survives in the form of its distant colony worlds. Peace is a rarity, carefully maintained in little havens while brutal politics threaten to split nations and desperate military forces fight war after war against alien invaders. Piracy is becoming increasingly common. Technology seems to have reached a bloody plateau.

  • The Yamatai Star Empire is a technologically-advanced transhuman empire with most of the population using biological android bodies. It's got an anime space opera theme and is protected by a huge, politically powerful military called the Star Army, which the site is named after.
  • In stark contrast, The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia is a gritty cyberpunk nation of humans, cyborgs, and mutants that deals with high crime in its megacities. Nepleslia has a space navy and space marines and was once part of Yamatai.
  • As you go through character creation, you'll be introduced to several other interesting factions you can create a character for. You can also make your own faction if you like.
  • Around the known factions is an endless sea of strange aliens, bold outlaws and jealous insurgencies.

In Star Army you get to create and play a character forged by this universe and who can steer the course of its future.

Account Registration

You must be 16 or older to join Star Army. There is no cost to join or participate.

The wiki login system is separate from the forum one, so you will need to register for both.

    1. You're invited to introduce yourself in the Introductions Forum.
    2. Important notes: Forum accounts with 0 posts are regularly deleted as an anti-spam measure, so post something! Also, newly registered users start with private messages disabled and may require posts to be approved by a moderator in some forums until after their third post.
    1. You'll need a wiki account to create and edit wiki articles (such as if you want to make a page for your character).
    2. No wiki knowledge is required to create a page for a character; We have a form that automatically adds the wiki code for you. It's linked on the Creating A Character article. (Related articles: FAQ: How do I create a wiki page?, FAQ: How do I move a wiki page?)

Creating and Roleplaying Characters

Start making characters using the guides found on the Creating A Character wiki page. Once your character is approved you're free to start Roleplaying by joining a plot group or by creating a roleplay thread.

Questions and Assistance

Getting into Star Army is easiest when you ask someone to mentor you through it, and we're happy to do that! If we haven't volunteered yet, just ask! You've got questions: there are many ways to get answers or help:

Community Help

These methods allow you to get your questions answered by the community.

  1. Post in the Your Questions Answered forum.
  2. Connect to the Chatroom and ask our members for assistance (IRC Guide). No login required.

Admin Help

Contact Wes, the admin, via these methods:

  1. Send email to
  2. Call or text message (209) STAR-ARMY (+1-209-782-7276).
  3. Tweet questions to @StarArmy on Twitter
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