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Creating a Savtech Cliffhanger for Operation Chevalier

This character creation guide will help you get down a few basic details to write a character for Operation Chevalier, a fledgling AI not yet fully developed enough to be called a person.


The Savtech Cliffhanger is part of the NAM Guisarme Autonomous Weapons Project and primarilly intended to be integrated with the deployment of several squads of NTD-R07-X 'Gendarme' Combat Robots. By themselves, the R07-X is successful as a swarm intelligence, using the tactical network of a squad or platoon of machines to outwit the individual intelligence of human assets on the field. As semi-volitional artificial intelligence, the Cliffhanger is meant to augment and supercede the Gendarme's basic intelligence programming, allowing human-comparable units to be deployed.

Appearance & Personality

As a hardware module, each individual Cliffhanger is only differentiated from another by a triple-stamped serial number. Each Gendarme or any of its variants is a shell, the AI within might use it for several months or years on campaign or jump into it for a single critical mission before moving on. A Cliffhanger may, depending on the AI's personality, decorate its bodywork with small markings, totems, or a specific pattern of camoflague1) before a mission and this may even become a habit or ritual for that specific line of AI; this all theoretical psychology and the long-term field deployment will show the ultimate behavioral results.

A long story made really short: a Cliffhanger can have any behavioral traits that humans can from happiness and contentment to distress and psychosis and the Project Heads are watching intently at the results. Additionally, they may decorate their chosen Gendarme shell to any personal standard that is not denied by a commanding authority. As calibrating the AI module to hold a specific Flavor of CALO takes more time that downloading a newer version of one previously installed, Cliffs may and are expected to jump into a shell they previously inhabited, giving them the chance to grow attached to multiple bodies and slowly collect personal modifications and decals to these familiar shells over time.


  • Technology Operation: As an electronic entity, Cliffhangers are more capable of interfacing with technology than a human operator, with software support they can even install new skills as when they are installed in an NTD-R07-X Robot or one of its variants.
  • After construction, a Savtech Cliffhanger is allowed to explore a controlled information network; they start with any one skill of the the player's choosing.2)

Personal Items

As Savtech Cliffhangers are digital entities, and might be activated in many diffeent locations across known space, and are not classed as fully sentient and thus deserving of human rights, they will not have a library of possessions carried along to each mission. All necessary equipment will be either given or may be requested during or after a mission briefing, including a Gendarme.

Example Characters

garish or attention-drawing patterns are not to be approved by handlers
do not include skills granted from being installed in a specific R07 shell
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