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Player's Rights

These rights apply to active roleplayers who have participated in the roleplay within the last 30 days or who are on an excused leave of absence.

  1. I have the right to maintain sole control over my character's actions, except:
    • in cases where the GM of my character's plot is forced to (prolonged absence) and in such a case my character will be RPed as little as possible.
  2. I have the right to maintain sole control over my character's development and nature. No one may alter my character's personality or history without my permission, except:
    • to correct factual errors in contradiction with the site canon as overseen by the Setting Manager (this includes site-level retcons).
    • history edits due to plot-level (GM) retcons of recent posts due to a player rights violation or general agreement of the plot's members.
    • to add historical events that have already occurred in the roleplay
    • to bring the article in line with site rules (removing profanity, etc)
  3. I have the sole right to back up my character's mind with in-character mental backup systems if they available in my faction. Other players in the game cannot force me to roleplay by creating another version of my character by using ST technology.
  4. If my character dies permanently, I have the right to create a character of similar or lesser ranking and status.
  5. I have the right to ask for a retcon or edit of the last RP session, if I feel my character was played incorrectly or left out at a vital time.
  6. I have the right to take my character with me to another plot if I have problems with her current plot or its game master, without worry of my plot GM using his position to get revenge.
  7. I have the right to refuse any roleplay that makes me uncomfortable, especially sexual or strongly violent role-play, without negative consequences on my character or myself.
  8. I have the right to comment on any setting article being submitted for approval, since changes to the setting may affect my characters or plots. My comments should be considerate and use appropriate language. I should take care not to mislead new players into thinking I am a moderator if I am not.

Note to Game Masters

In a situation where a player has been missing for a few weeks and hasn't actually posted anything at all (and thus, has not said she/he isn't coming back), her/his character(s) should be moved off the plotship and left somewhere out of harm's way (but not somewhere from which they cannot easily join a new plotship (or return to their old one if it's still around) if and when the player comes back). If a mental backup is available it is permissible (but not necessarily desirable) for a GM to kill off the character. The point of this is that the player should be able to get his/her character back if or when he/she returns.

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