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Returning Players Guide

Welcome back to Star Army! Let's get you caught up!

Recent Events

The current year is YE 44 (OOC: April 1 to December 31, 2022). The factions of the Kikyo Sector just fought off an invasion in the Kuvexian War. Now a new era of exploration is beginning!

Here are some other recent events that occurred in the last few years:

Mark Yourself As Active

To get active, edit your wiki user page and change the Player Active field at the bottom of the edit screen to Active, and make sure to start posting on the forum again.

Finding Roleplays To Join

A great way to get involved again without much commitment is to join Open RP threads. You can find them in the Open Roleplaying forum. You can also make your own thread. We suggest posting an interest check in the OOC and Plot Planning forum to find partners prior to starting it. There's also a #looking4rp channel on our Discord server to arrange RPs.

Current Open RPs

Updating Your Character

You can use your old characters or make new ones. If you're using old ones, just make up some plausible and uneventful history to fill in the gap. Ask Wes or your character's faction's manager if you need help with this.

It's possible that old characters have been adopted under the Character Adoption policy. If this has happened and you want them back, ask for the character to be returned in the original character approval thread.

Request Orders (If Applicable)

Star Army characters are now typically moved into the Star Army Reserve when their player is inactive. To get a new assignment use the Request For Orders thread.

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