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Roleplay Reviews

Roleplay Reviews are periodic checks to see if a plot's information is current and correct, and that the plot and all of its players are still actually active. Usually this consists of a self-review by the plot's Game Master, who is provided by the staff with a short checklist of questions and/or tasks. In the past this was referred to as a “plot audit.” Roleplay reviews can also come in the form of buddy reviews, where GMs are assigned a buddy and they review each other's plots.

RP Review checklists are typically graded to create a score for a plot that is shown on the list of plots.

Roleplay Reviews are very important because they make sure GMs are keeping up with their plot and players. The Roleplay Review allows the admin to track Star Army's many plots at a glance and to identify RPs and subforums that have gone inactive.

Are Reviews Mandatory?

Yes. All GMs and plots are expected to participate, including brand new plots (although these may be exempt from penalties). Failure to participate can result in:

  • Removal from the list of active plots
  • New players may not join the plot
  • Loss of Game Master status
  • Removal of the plot's sub-forum

When Is An Review Required?

The requirements vary based on a plot's age and performance:

New and/or Low Scoring Plots

Once a month

  • For any new plot, once a month until scores are C or higher
  • Once every month for plots below C score on their last Roleplay Review

Possibly Inactive Plots

On Demand

  • For any plot that hasn't had an IC post in about 14 days or a post from the GM in 14 days

If an administrator notices a plot seems dead, he can immediately send the plot's GM a request for a Roleplay Review. This request must be answered within a week or the plot may be assumed dead and be archived; If there are still active players, the GM should be replaced with an an active one.

All Other Plots

Three times yearly

  • Three times a year for all other plots (In January, April and August)

Current Review

The current Roleplay Review consists of 10 questions; 10 bonus points are also available.

RP Plot Name: Plot Name here

1. [ ] Update the wiki page for the plot (this should be in the plot: namespace). Plot pages need to say who the GM(s) are.

Posting expectations (how often to post, etc) need to be on the plot wiki page. Needs RPG Rating on the plot page (language, sexuality, violence on a scale of 1-3)

Make sure you have a link from the wiki page to the forum where the RP happens (subforum, thread, etc) on the plot wiki and a link to the plot wiki in the OP of the plot's OOC thread.

2. [ ] Update the list of all the current players and characters players in the plot (e.g. crew roster/personnel).

Players that aren't posting anymore should be removed or marked as inactive.

3. [ ] Update information for players thinking about joining the plot (wanted positions, etc) on the new Characters Wanted page.

4. [ ] Update the plot's entry on the Plots page via struct (edit it on your plot's page).

The number of active players in my plot is: Insert Number Here

5. [ ] Update the history sections of other articles the plot has interacted with.

6. [ ] Update the plot's history on the wiki.

7. [ ] Update the timeline with events of importance that happened in your plot.

8. [ ] Post/update the plot's plan thread in the GM Planning Forum forum.

9. [ ] Update the bio pages of all the plot's NPCs as necessary.

10. [ ] Ask the plot's players for feedback and ideas for the RP (surveys are good for this).

Note: On the forum, the plot should have a custom thread prefix (ask Wes for one if needed).

Grading: 10 points each.

BONUSES (1 point each): Add a point for each thing you did from the below:

  • Currently accepting new players
  • Made a GM post in your plot this week
  • Did a JP this month
  • Commissioned or made any art for SARP this month or last month
  • Running any Open RP or side threads in addition to your main plot
  • Site Supporter
  • Tweeted to @StarArmy
  • Shared something from Star Army's Facebook page
  • Promoted your plot or Star Army on some other website
  • Attended the Star Army Community Meeting

GM's Oath of Honor

I verify that the above information is true. I understand that my responses may be verified by the Star Army administration and that any falsification of the above responses could lead to loss of my status as a Game Master.

Scoring and Definitions


Items are worth 5 points each. Bonus items are worth 1 point each. Currently, the highest possible score is 106.

Letter Grades

51 and belowFAIL

Wiki Article Correctness

*A wiki article being “current and correct” means it is:

  • Fully updated (history should reflect what is currently in the RP)
  • Properly formatted
  • Easily readable
  • No red links
  • In the correct namespace

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