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SARPscaping (a Portmanteau of SARP and landscaping) is a term used to describe the continual improvement of the site's quality level by:

  • Adding excellent content
  • Improving existing content
  • Removing obsolete content (eg PROJECT EXFOLIATION)

This page is the hub for SARPscaping activity and is intended to be highly functional with information and links useful for accomplishing the above.

Adding Excellent Content

New content added should have a high level of detail, fit the templates, and should be illustrated when possible.

I want to bring more star systems and planets up to a higher standard of quality by filling them with RP locations and memorable NPCs that GMs and players can use, and I want to take my plot around to visit more of those places than before.

Improving Existing Content

The wiki should be free of third-party image links.

Pages found in these searches need to be edited:

Style Fixes

Pages that do not adhere to the Style Guide should be edited.

Namespace Cleanup

  • Move items that are not in the correct Wiki Namespaces.
    • Note: Get the admins to move the pages, we have a move plugin that automatically updates backlinks.

Content Removal

Removal of content is governed by the Criteria For Article Deletion.

  • Abandoned pages can often be found with by searching for the terms Not Approved and Unapproved
  • Orphan pages can be found by browsing the Index. Check unfamiliar pages for backlinks.
  • Abandoned factions may be removed by the setting manager.
  • PROJECT EXFOLIATION (GM forum - restricted access)
  • Obsolete Folders Cleanup Project
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