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Creating a Separa'Shan

This is a guide with notes on creating a Separa'Shan character.


The Separa'Shan names are typically snake sounding or Greek style. Other times the two are combined, using a Greek as a prefix while the snake like name is used after, to them it is made cute sounding or menacing, reversing the order to them makes it sound stupid. The last name is typically the Clan name, though it can be the family name if they do not belong to a clan.

Example names can be found on the Random Separa'Shan Generator.

General Information


The Separa'Shan have a human-like torso and a snake like tail replacing the legs. They are a cultured race that understands that their biggest strength does not rely on brute force, but rather wit and negotiation. Not to say they have their share of warriors however, in fact they see trade as a greater importance since they lack the technologies that would make them a greater power.

The species is also further divided into two subgroups:


The Venis are the more snake like of the two species. Venis are very controlling with their emotions and are typically emotionless if a trader, or aggressive if a fighter. Venis are born with a paralyses toxin that can be transmitted by bite, and is the reason they keep themselves in control to prevent accidents from occurring. Each Venis are born with a primary color with its pattern dominate role on the tail telling the clan and type of toxin that specific Separa'shan has or is in. Most have mild to strong paralyses toxin, while only clans specializing in combat are picky enough to choose who breeds to keep the family toxin strong.


The Python are the more human species. While the body has human like qualities, the most noticeable would be the head, with its slack jaw formation that allows for a snake like bite and eyes that are snake like as well. The more liberal species, having fun and working hard are the more important personal responsibilities of a Python. Of the two species the Python are stronger with a longer constricting tail, color pattern on scales are painted on for clan reasons rather than danger of toxin.


The Separa'Shan live just as long as humans do. Most who leave home are in the age group of 14-33, and life expectancy is about 70 on the home world more or less. However, with the adoption of Soul Transfer technology from Yamatai, old Separa'Shan are transferring into younger bodies.


Separa'Shan are equally male or female. Men are typically leaders of the house or clan, while women are leaders of the community. However, Separa'Shan society is highly egalitarian.


The family is raised typically by the mother, the one that gave birth to the eggs or life birth. A family can consist a minimum of 5 children, though some can be higher than 16. A Separa'shan is tied to a family that most likely belonging to a clan, a group of families with a similar mind set and similar physical traits.


When not working for local militia or industry, many are self employed traders. Some are traveling around in Yamatain territories exploring or trying to trade their wares. Separa'Shan are not really combat types but are social creatures who are more at home with a business than the battlefield, though there are a few that do prefer combat.


Separa'Shan have their own local defense force and are well accepted into the Star Army of Yamatai. They have the same starting rank as other solider of Yamatai.

Current Assignment

Separa'Shan own very few merchant vessels, otherwise they typically work as an independent, for a business, or working for the Yamatai Star Empire to some fashion.

Physical Characteristics

It is suggested to read the articles listed at the bottom of this section.


An Adult Separa'Shan are about 5” or 6” tall β€œstanding.” Separa'shan typically don't include their 'standing' height in their tail length. Do note that a Venis has a tail length as long as they are tall, while a Pythus has a tail about two times as long as they are tall.


Due to their planet having roughly twice the standard gravity, 2.2g, Separa'shan have dense muscles. Given their 'standing' height and build, a Pythus will typically weigh about 2.5 times and a Veinus will typically weigh about 1.75 times that of a human of comparable height and build.


(Probably skip this, unless you know what you're doing…)

Bra Size

(Only if female)

Build and Skin/Scale Color

Dependent on ethnic background, the snake tail is covered in scales dependent of its ancestry, bright if Venis but dull if Pythus. Also the upper body takes human form, but some are more snake like than others. Interestingly, Venis are more likely to have more human looking body than the Pythus.

Facial Features and Eye Color

Dependent on ethnic background, all Separa'Shan have slitted snake like eyes in the color of Amber yellow, lime green, white, pale blue, and darker eye color is possible but extremely rare. There are also some with more snake like faces, check the previous for explanation. Those that are more snake like have a possible chance of having fin like ears (like that of a Naga) while human like ones look as you expect them to be for the exception that their jaw may be more pronounced indicating their snake like heritage.

Hair Color and Style

Typically brown or black, hairstyle is dependent on the profession (warrior typically bald, blacksmith short, priest ring around the cranium, etc) though personal preference is just as fine.

Distinguishing Features

Separa'Shan clothing and style shows how wealthy one is, as well as the profession they are in. A warrior wears brown and gold clothing while an actor dresses in a toga for example. Drab colors is typically reserved for Priests and the poor.

There is a small difference between the two types, Venis is typically conservative while the Pythus is a little more liberal.

Psychological Characteristics


The personality is divided by slight differences between the two types of Separa'Shan. They both do however honor tradition and religion, believing that the gods watch over them always. They are otherwise like humans, trying to find their own place in the universe and make a name for themselves.


The Venis typically withhold emotion as something barbaric and unfitting for the race decedent from NagaShun. Emotion isn't suppressed as it is looked down upon unless it's in appropriate context.


The Pythus have traditionally the ones who organize the celebrations, this could be because of their less strict life styles. They embrace their emotions making them a little more wild but not uncivilized.


Dependent on the individual. Generally speaking, cultural, philosophical and spiritual matters, and accomplishing personal goals, whatever they may be.


Dependent on the individual. Generally speaking, anyone or anything that threatens the safety and sanctity of their culture, people. Those who threaten the homeworld or the Gods will eventually receive divine judgment.


Separa'Shan can have any number of goals.


One begins life hatching out of the egg looking like a small snake, eventually gaining their human like properties before going though the adulthood ritual around the age of 14 and becoming an Adult Separa'Shan. One's family is about the size of 5-16 members and belongs to a Clan. The Clan lives together in a specific region, though there are some Clanless families outside of the cities.

The mother typically stays at home to raise her children, while the father continues work or further negotiations within the Clan.

It is typically that one might leave after reaching adulthood, though those leaving the planet are typically above the age 17, and must first learn how to speak and write in Trade.

In YE 29 the race was discovered by Yamatai Star Empire by the YSS Celia and came under its protection, though the Separa'Shan wouldn't have a significant impact.

Some Separa'shan now leave home for various reasons, and important rule however by the god Nagashun has proclaimed to keep the ideals of spacemen away from Essia System so that her plan for the home world can go untainted.

For more history see this link to Separa'shan history

OOC Notes

Artwork by Wes using the Waitress base.

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