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This article aims provide a complete reference manual for the depiction of combat between starships in the SARP and to incorporate the changes approved in the Proposed Setting Revisions for 2011 discussion.


Starships can be prevented from making FTL jumps by targeting them with a graviton beam. This effect is not cumulative (more graviton beams do not make it work any better) and it only works on ships of the same or smaller size class.

FTL devices other than teleportation modules cannot be used inside a planet's Hill Sphere.

NOTE: “Interdiction” systems previously allowed in the setting are no longer valid as of January 1st, 2011.

Determining Damage

Engagement Range Guidelines

Values have been rounded for ease of calculation. 1 light-second = 299,792.458 kilometers.

Light-Seconds Kilometers* Notes
0.033 10,000 For gameplay purposes anything less than this is considered to hit instantly
.1 30,000
.25 75,000
.5 150,000
1 300,000 This is the furthest any ships can reliably hit one another most of the time
2 600,000 At this range, misses are more common. (25% chance to miss)
2.5 750,000 (50% chance to hit)
3 900,000 Maximum engagement range. Accurate shots are rare (25% chance to hit).

FTL Combat

  • Combat while at FTL speeds is not possible in the SARP.
  • There are no FTL weapons in the SARP, other than FTL torpedoes. Torpedoes can use FTL to enter an area but their actual attack runs can only be at STL speeds.

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