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Work for Uso!

This is a character creation guide for anyone wanting to get started working for Uso's Star Organization. You may want to have the Character Creation template ready if you're creating a new character just for this plot. You can either play as a Local, or try and bring an existing SARP race into the faction.

Existing SARP races

Anyone can join with an existing character from another race in the setting provided there is a reason for them to show up.


Tired of working for the man? Bored with your tour of duty? Or maybe you just want to make something for yourself?

We're here to service our own ambition. To build and do great things. To do away with restraint and get stupidly-wealthy in the process.

No one lives forever right?

How did you hear about us?

In YE 38, Uso Tasuki hired some mercenaries to help take over a low tech world. That world is only barely starting to see the benefit of being uplifted and there is a lot of work to do. If you're reading this, then you're interested in having your character join Uso's group and start making a name for themselves.

To start, you need to determine how your character heard about this group, and why they are interested in joining.

Maybe they are involved with the Freespacer merchants who buy water and proteins from the planet?

Perhaps they work in a PMC and have heard about the money that Ragnarok is making while working planet side?

Or perhaps your character is the type of shady individual who has had underworld dealings in the same circles that Uso Tasuki frequents?

Or maybe you're some upstanding individual who's heard of this world one way or another, and want to extend your services in helping uplift the locals?

A reason for being here

Once the history is determined, you also will need a reason for wanting to come out to the edge of civilized space. Maybe your character is just looking for a paycheck? Maybe they want to make a name for themselves and help build something for themselves. Maybe they are just tired of working for someone else and want to take charge of their own lives.

An Occupation

They will also need something to do once they reach the planet. Uso's little empire is just starting to grow, and is dealing with obligations to it's allies as well as issues relating to building an advanced society from scratch. Just about any specialty can be accommodated from soldiers, to pilots, to miners, and builders. You should reach out to one of the plot GMs at this point once you have an idea in mind, and they should be able to help you get your character ready for action.

History and Skills

If you have an occupation in mind, and have an idea for how your character has heard of 188604 then you likely have a good idea of how their history will have been and what skills they have. Pretty much anything is allowed but there are a few exceptions.

Ex-Star Army of Yamatai

If your character is from the Yamatai Star Empire then you'll need to determine how they left. If they did not serve out their tour of duty and left without being dismissed they would end up being a fugitive. Be sure you talk to a Yamatai Faction Manager or GM if you want to include this as part of your character's history. Naturally they would have skills from the SAoY.

Character Sheet

Once you've got your baseline human ready, go ahead and post in the character approval thread. From there a GM should be able to help you with the rest!

Planetary Local

The planet 188604 was inhabited before Uso arrived. The local resistance movement has largely been crushed, but they can still join up with Uso's crew.


Life on the planet had always been hard. Sandstorms that stretched for miles would sandblast the landscape. The harsh weather would quickly rust or destroy even the most well built machines. Local governments were filled with petty bickering and good food always seemed hard to come by…

… then they showed up.

In less than a month people used to muskets and horse drawn wagons had been expose to Space-Wasps, Alien ships filled with Robots, and fantastical weapons. The major local governments were crushed, and it seems to fight back is to die. However, these space-invaders are quite willing to hire local talent.


The locals from 188604 are humans, though they tend to be a bit smaller and a bit malnourished due to the only abundant source of food being a green sludge that grows in just about every water source.

History and skills

The planet 188604 prior to first contact has had the majority of its history lost from the collective memory. Everyone knows that they originally came from another world, but the details of that colonization effort have been lost to time. What people are faced with is the harsh reality of living on 188604 with technology that isn't much better than basic metal working, revolvers, horses, and stone/wooden structures.

This means your character has basically zero knowledge of the setting at large, and will be fairly clueless about things until they've had a change to talk to other characters and learn about the setting history.

They would be aware of some of the particulars of the planet 188604, they would know the Osman government was the largest one on the planet until Uso arrived and destroyed it. They would know how to survive a sand storm, and deal with harsh weather. Natives of the planet are not very religious, and not highly educated, but they do tend to be somewhat driven as the harsh weather has a way of killing the lazy.

The skills available to your character will likely be fairly basic, cooking, shooting, horse riding…

Character Sheet

Once you've got your baseline human ready, go ahead and post in the character approval thread. From there a GM should be able to help you with the rest!

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