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Creating a Yamataian

This guide will help you create a Yamataian character. Yamataians are citizens of the Yamatai Star Empire, the site's central faction. It's a good home for your first character.


We recommend that Yamataian characters be a Minkan. The Minkan species is the main species of Yamataian civilians and are the primary focus of this guide. The Minkan body also has a “militarization” option that can be activated by the Star Army of Yamatai that enhances its capabilities.

You can also use this guide to make Yamataians of other, older species below:

  • The NH-22C is the older model of body, used by Yamataians born between YE 22 and YE 33 that haven't transferred to a new body. This model has been discontinued and is being phased out. Jiyuuians are also NH-22C and this guide can be used to create them.
  • The Nepleslian, Human (NH-1), and human species are also found in Yamatai, but they are rare, as most people have opted to transfer their minds into Minkan bodies.

Yamataians can also be Nekovalkyrja, a species of female warriors designed for military service in the Star Army of Yamatai. The have a separate character creation guide. See: Creating a Nekovalkyrja Character.

Character Name

Yamataians often have American or Asian, Norse, or Japanese sounding names, written with their Surname/clan name first and then their first name. That said, Yamataians are incredibly diverse and almost anything (Korean, Scottish, something that you think sounds cool and scifi, etc) is acceptable.

Having trouble coming up with something? Try one of these random generators:

  1. Viking Names
  2. Japanese Names
  3. Japanese Name Generator

You're not restricted to the types of names above, so feel free to make up something unique if you want!

Age & Date of Birth

The minimum age for Minkan or equivalent to join the Star Army of Yamatai is 20; we suggest you make your character at least this old. You may want to also list your character's date of birth.

Note the Yamataian years are different in length than IRL years, and that there's different months too. This is explained more in the Yamataian Calendar.

There was a huge plague that killed most of the population in YE 08, so characters over about 30 years old are a rarity.


Minkan, who make up a large portion of the Yamatai Star Empire's population, are a synthetically-created species that replaced humans in most of Yamatai.

The Minkan (NH-31) species is fairly new, so Minkan obtained their bodies via mind-transfers from other species like the older synthetic NH-22C, NH-1 Geshrin, or humans. Other species like aliens can transfer their mind into Minkan bodies but this is less popular.


Minkan are typically male or female, and their numbers would be equal, if it weren't for the abundance of female veterans created by the Star Army of Yamatai's mass production of Nekovalkyrja soldiers. It's also okay to make characters with non-standard genders.


Yamataian player characters generally work for the Star Army of Yamatai or the Scientific Studies Service (SSS).


Minkan serving in the Star Army of Yamatai typically start with a rank of Santô Hei. Some occupations require a college degree and start as officers at the rank of Shoi Kohosei. If you have rank questions talk to Wes who is the Star Army's manager.


For occupations in the Star Army of Yamatai, see: Occupations in the Star Army of Yamatai.

:!: Please choose one occupation, not multiple ones.

Current Placement

Minkan and Nekovalkyrja can request assignment to any of the active Star Army of Yamatai plotships or they can choose to start in Fort Ready in order to become trained (and get a feel for playing their character). To join a civilian ship, you would have to contact the person in charge of that ship to get aboard.

Physical Characteristics

Minkan and generally range from 4'9“ to 6' tall. If they want to wear a particular power armor (Mindy) they generally need to be under 5'7”.

Minkan generally range from 95 to 210lbs. (Women generally being closer to 135lbs.)

Minkan The average NH-31F is a slender, well-formed attractive human female, with shoulders slightly more narrow than hips, usually small breasts. Because their body mass and composition are carefully controlled by internal metabolism and conversion methods, she cannot be obese and should have her body proportions be constant for most of her adult life. An average NH-31F is 157cm (5' 2”) tall and weighs around 61kg (135lbs). Bust size is usually between a B and C cup, but larger is possible. The standard NH-31F come with the classic human-style ears, and almond-shaped eyes.

Minkan The average NH-31M is a well-formed human male, with shoulders slightly broader than the waist. Because their body mass and composition are carefully controlled by internal metabolism and conversion methods, he cannot be obese and should have his body proportions be constant for most of his adult life. An average NH-31M is 163cm (5' 4”) tall and weighs around 69kg (152lbs). The standard NH-31M come with the classic human-style ears, and almond-shaped eyes. Facial hair is a matter of personal preference.

Yamataians generally have lighter human skin tones but may also use unnatural colors if desired due to the body's ability to be customized.

:!: We would like to represent a spectrum of ethnicity and looks in the RP. If you're willing, please consider giving your character a different look than a generic white guy.

Facial features run the range of human faces and eye colors can be any colors.

Tattoos are generally unheard of unless they are genetically imprinted in the skin due to a creator's specifications but generally, it is unheard of because of the body's ability to quickly heal and generally reject the ink.


Note: In this section we've included links to some random generators on another site that will help you flesh out your character. They're not required but they can help give you ideas when you're stuck.

Minkan have a full range of personalities like any regular human being and can have any odd behavioral quirks than any human being can have. Sociopathic or maniacal personalities are rare just like they are now. It is unknown if a Minkan's personality can be fractured producing a condition like Dis-associative Personality Disorder but such a concept is extremely hard to play out well and it is advised to stick to developing 1 personality.


Minkan come from a number of personal backgrounds, some including having been a Nepleslian at one point in their lives. Since the actual Minkan body has only been around since the end of YE 33, it is common for much older characters that wanted to remain in the Star Army of Yamatai to have transferred into a Minkan body. We advise that all new players refrain from creating an extensive military career background for newly created characters, if the character is older they might have been training or working as a civilian but try to keep from affecting the course of any nation's history unless you actually played that scene. If the character has grown up on Yamatai chances are that they have never known true poverty or hunger.

You can find historic events on the timeline.

:!: Overly traumatic pasts can be a possible red flag in the recruiting process in the Star Army of Yamatai and can be a cause to reject Star Army characters for mental health concerns.

Jiyuuians ONLY: If you're using this guide to make a Jiyuuian character, please include that your character was part of the United Outer Colonies from YE 30 to YE 33 and was evacuated by Yamatai or Nepleslia.

Old Characters should be mindful of the Great Plague of YE 08 and have an explanation for their survival.

Social Connections

Minkan typically actually have families rather than creators.

:!: Star Army has seen a disproportionately large percentage of new characters who are orphans lately. Because of this, we prefer (but do not require) that your character has living relatives if he/she was naturally born.


You can find more skills and skill information here: Character Skill Areas

See also: Living in a Digital Mind

The Easy Way

If you're a Star Army Soldier in the Star Army of Yamatai, simply link to Star Army Common Skills.

Here's the wiki code:

  * [[stararmy:skills:common]]

Other occupations can also do this; just add the relevant skills.

As you go through the roleplay, you will probably want to write out your character's skills to customize them and expand them, but it's okay to skip that part of your bio when you're just starting out.

Inventory and Finances

If you enlist your character in the Star Army of Yamatai, your character will receive a set of Standard Issue Items. You can copy the inventory code from the page or simply link to the standard issue article itself (Wiki code below):

  * [[stararmy:standard_issue]]

Starting Funds

All characters start with 3,000 KS or the equivalent (if your character is in the military, it's his enlistment bonus). The value of items your characters starts with should be deducted from your starting funds, except for standard issue items (they belong to the government so they don't cost your character anything). Personal possessions are optional in most cases. You do not have to include any personal items in your character's inventory.

A Home

If it makes sense, you could put that your character has a Micro-apartment in Kyoto.

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