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Items & Equipment

There are detailed pages for many objects and technologies that appear in the Star Army RP. This page uses a series of automated lists that update on their own. Items will only be listed here if there's in the items: namespace or a subfolder of that. Items that are stored under a corp: or faction: or stararmy: namespace won't appear in this list so please see the faction pages for their equipment lists and so forth.


Drugs & Medicines

Equipment & Tools

Military Equipment by Faction

Because war is a constantly present theme in the SARP, military equipment is arguably the most detailed part of this wiki. Each military faction has its own military equipment page.

Food & Drinks

Foods and beverages are listed here.

  • Food - Things your character can eat.
  • Water - Dihydrogen monoxide and you.




Unique Items

Unsorted/General Items

These items aren't in a specific section of the items namespace yet.

OOC Notes

Wes made this article!

Art credits:

  • Pistol art by Wes
  • Headphones art by Wes (colors) and Waitress (original lines) using base Wes purchased from CozyCat Studios
  • Belt art by Wes (colors) using lines from U.S. Government

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