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Items & Equipment

This section contains objects and technologies that appear in the Star Army RP.

  1. Food - Things your character can eat.
  2. Water - Dihydrogen monoxide and you.
  3. Materials - notable materials and substances of the Star Army universe
  4. Military Equipment - Star Army's incredible selection of gear.
  5. List of Aerospace Craft (Shuttles, Fighters, Bombers)
  6. List of Ground Vehicles - Cars, trucks, and tanks to drive
  7. Custom Apparel Guide - Make your own epic clothing.
  8. List of Firearms and Combat Gear - Guns. Lots of guns.
  9. Medical Guide ⚕️ - Drugs and things to help you heal.
  10. List of Miscellaneous Products - Neat stuff to buy.
  11. Drinks - Neat stuff to drink.
  12. List of Notable Starships - Ships by name

List of Articles in the Items Namespace

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