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"Burning Impulse" Custom Power Armor


Originally a Military Specification Impulse Powered Armor, the Burning Impulse has not only some of the basic aspects of its original construction, but was also substantially upgraded by the Intelligence and Pacification Group. Most aspects of the machine were upgraded, and some NAM technology and weaponry was added to make it a more powerful and versatile unit. At the same time, it has utilitarian aspects suitable for salvage, to allow it to function in the more mundane capacities its owner Alex Burning requires outside of combat.

Statistical Information

Government: N/A
Organization: N/A
Type: Powered Armor
Class: OI-M2-1A (Customized)
Designer: OAW PA Design Team (Original), Intelligence and Pacification Group (Variant)
Manufacturer: Origin Industries(Original), Intelligence and Pacification Group (Variant)
Production: Custom
Crew: One Humanoid
Maximum Capacity: One Humanoid

Width: Adds 6 inches to pilot width
Height: adds 4 inches to pilot height
Mass: 320 Lbs (with Backpack)

Operational Statistics

Ground speed: 50 MPH running, 175 MPH boosted.
Air speed: 350 MPH
Zero Atmosphere: .25c (0.35c with supplemental thruster modules on two hardpoints)

Range: Subluminal/Intra Star System
Lifespan: 5 years

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 2) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Body: 10 SP (Armor Scale)
  • Shields: 15 (Threshold 3)

Systems and Upgrades

Inherited Origin components

  • Frame and Armor of Billet Nerimium (OI-M2-F3103/OI-M2-A3103)
  • Military Specification Nanomuscle (OI-M2-N3103)
  • Assault Backplate (OI-M2-P3201)
  • Impulse II Helmet (OI-M2-H3102)
  • Neuro-Probe
  • FATE Suite Type S (OI-M2-C3103A, can still boot to this optionally)
  • 6 standard hardpoints (shoulders, calves, forearms)
  • 1 back hardpoint for backpack

Armor Changes

Custom System Modifications

  • Hydrogen Collection System
  • Modified Advanced Command/Combat Executive AI System (Combat Variant, main AI utilized)
  • Second Neuro-Probe for remote control (headband)
  • More powerful Gravimetric Engines
  • General upgrades to existing systems
  • Graviton Beam Projector


Hardpoint-based Components

  • X-Tech Sensor Ghost Module (this IPG-rejected system makes 100 sensor ghosts but does not trick optics, is placed on any hardpoint)
  • Optional Supplemental Thruster Modules (for two leg or shoulder hardpoints, adds 0.1c to top speed)
  • Salvage Module with winch, cable, and netting bag (any hardpoint, for collecting salvage)

OOC Notes

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