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Delsaurian Pillows

Delsaurian Pillows are simple luxury items from Delsauria, produced in YE 40 and onward. They are considered a trade good and one of the primary commodities produced outside of the aeronautical and shipyard-focused industry of the planet.

More about Delsaurian Pillows

These pillows, whilst not the ultimate best when compared to synthetic material pillows, are remarkably soft and organic. Stuffed with Delsaurian Sandtrouncer feathers (rather than those of a Delsaurian since that'd be weird!), these pillows are sold cheap but in bulk throughout the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and hopefully one day through the sector.

Coming in various sizes and shapes, the one trait of these pillows is that they are tremendously good at staying cool and regulating temperature. This is due to the feathers and their heat resistance, paired with some basic natural mixed in. This makes them actually really ideal for the cheap explorer hoping to buy in bulk for a colonial or para-military expedition, where one may not have access to the best beds or facilities while camping in the field. The cloth paired with these pillows can be made of any material upon a custom order, although the more expensive the material, the more drastic the price jumps!


Traditional Cloth-wrapped Pillow: 20 DA
Custom-Order Pillow: 100 DA starting price, with price varying on material cost and availability.

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