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The Big O

The Big O is a fairly uncommon drink with long lasting side effects. It is typically served with cold orange juice and no ice in an old fashioned ( ) glass. In addition to not being served with ice, it is also not supposed to be served with any solids that aren’t supposed to be ingested such as small umbrellas or swords.

The vitamin D in the orange juice is supposed to help the effects of the stimulant hit the drinker faster. This results in a slightly happier mood, and increased energy for a longer period of time then when taken by itself. It is not uncommon for a single Big O to keep a drinker awake for up to 12 hours without them feeling tired. This is a favored drink for those who need to stay awake and work.


4oz orange juice (cold)
200mg powdered Stimulant


Pour orange juice,
Add Stimulant,
Stir Well

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