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Cassefin Reservoir Drinks

A healthy mind is a productive, fertile and delicious mind!
– Cassefin Montreal


The Cassefin Reservoir line of health drink was conceived by none other than Cassefin Montreal herself, out of concern for the horrible standards of beverages she experienced in and around Nepleslian culture. Not wanting her BioNutri-Snack foods to be left alone in terms of suitable liquids to consume with them, Cassefin concocted a number of beverages which are produced on the Nepleslian Arms and Munitions “Cirrus” Class Research Station, with most of the liquid elements derived from the Bio-Organics and Chemical Productions facilities on the station itself.

The machine itself is pretty common in terms of design…a large panel takes up the right area of the machine, with a money card slot and buttons with small descriptions of the flavors of each beverage. Dead center of the front, however, is a full-body shot of Cassefin Montreal in her Nepleslian Arms and Munitions “Cirrus” Class Research Station lab uniform, holding a bottle of Citrusensation in one hand and giving the patron a thumbs-up with the other hand, accompanied an overacted wink and canary-eating grin.

There have been no associated deaths linked with Cassefin Reservoir beverages to this date (although with his continued streak of horrible luck, Akio Noboru may be hurtling towards being the first).

Current Products

  • Midnight Delight – All the caffeine attribute of coffee…without the caffeine!
  • Citrusensation – A fruity explosion, full of vitamins and minerals!
  • Vita Water – Mineral-enriched to perfection!
  • Spacer-Drink – A delectable blend of light fruit flavor, with a hint of radioactive isotopes!
  • Carbo-Fizz – The soda-lovers weakness, now without the harmful sugars and acids! Oh so fizzy!
  • Choco-latte – All the delicious chocolately goodness, without a gram of real chocolate!
  • Vegastounding – A delicious blend of every vegetable you’ve never heard of!
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