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Lundgren and Mizzlethorpe's Miracle Elixir

Lundgren and Mizzlethorpe's Miracle Elixir!
Staves off Scurvy!
Quickens the Blood!
Makes Warm the Heart and Copious the Nervous Disjecta!​

L&M Elixir: It makes you go boing!

Radio advertisement for Lundgren and Mizzlethorpe's Miracle Elixir

“Invented” on Planet 188604 in YE 38: Lundgren and Mizzlethorpe's Miracle Elixir is an incredibly sour, unsweetened lemonade, made from adding lemon juice to clean water.

Invented by two young children on the run from an Osman City workhouse, the two started a health revolution almost by accident when they exchanged knowledge of creating an algae-based fertilizer to a roaming Freespacer Automata for two rusted cans full of engine lubricant and artificial sweetener. This trade of knowledge resulted in Truffleclub; the Automata, constructing a series of greenhouses in which lemons were grown for the hopes of helping the planet's locals.

Children doing as children did, they soon constructed the planet's first lemonade stand. The drink being both exotic, and a rare source of vitamins on the dreary desert world; it soon became popular both for its alien taste and its health benefits. Expanding their operation by hiring adults as pickers and gardeners, the two surprisingly canny street urchins began to make their fortune, promising outlandish health benefits from their 'miracle elixir' and combined it with rather unambitious pricing.

Sold only on 188604: Bottles of Lundgren and Mizzlethorpe's Miracle Elixir cost 5 DA and are sold in rectangular green glass bottles, which are slightly curved like a hip flask. The labels are brownish-green, inked in black and depict two children in tuxedos, fake mustaches and tophats. They are standing under a giant mushroom.

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