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Moon’s Nectar

Moon’s Nectar is a soft drink type of consumable developed in YE 44.

Moon's Nectar
Designer Tokyo Brewing Company, Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yue
Nomenclature Yu-N16-1A
Manufacturer Tokyo Brewing Company
Fielded by Tokyo Brewing Company
Availability Mass Production
Price 5KS/ 9DS1)


Yue has always enjoyed creating things as her passion. She has found creating much more enjoyable than her normal work, which is as the Jicho. So when she isn’t acting as a Jicho or participating as a band member of the Midnight Infinity, she’s working on designs.

Her current interest was drinks, however, and she has acquired a taste for non-alcoholic drinks. As a member of the Motoyoshi Clan, she was able to get a small space at one of the Tokyo Brewing Company’s facilities where she began experimenting and learning about drinks and trying them out until she realized Apple Juice and Honey might work.

She was advised to use Apple Cider as that might mix better with Honey, so she did so and soon discovered the drink she chose to call Moon’s Nectar. This was partly from an old childhood story.


Moon’s nectar is a clear orange liquid, which was sifted and filtered to completely remove pulp right down to the molecular level of existence. This left the drink clear and devoid of a cloudy opacity. The techniques used to make a form of non-alcoholic cyser type drink that was made out of apple cider mixed with honey and allowed to ferment. It is primarily sour-free due to the ingredients, and because of carefully controlled manufacturing this would be replaced by sugar, or a sugar-free additive to enhance the flavoring.

This was primarily as a test by the creator to replicate the NDC’s Puraliberry Juice but was decided to make a unique new style in the end.


Moon’ Nectar can be contained in:

  • Contained in a sealed can of aluminum, with a tab that pushes in a part of the top lid to create a opening in the can to drink out of.
  • The can is transparent to show off reddish orange of the liquid within, which backdrops the logo on the front of the can.
  • In addition, it is labeled with the appropriate information, as well as usual alcohol consumption warnings if it added.
  • Glass2)


The Moon's Nectar has a sweet flavor that mixes Apples and Honey together in one delicious sweetness.


Other than Glass or Transparent Durandium, Moon's Nectar can also be package in a carton substance.

OOC Notes

I simply wanted to have my Yue create a drink something liquid other than the technology she already has.

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Products & Items Database
Price (KS)5.00 KS
Yamatai Currency and NDC dusk script respectively
If served in a Bar

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