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Morioka Naoko Bought This Bottle

In YE 34 Shosho Morioka Naoko forcibly arrested Heram J. Wazu shortly after his own outburst caused them both to be asked to leave the International Relations Conference of YE 34.

Morioka Naoko claimed that Heram Wazu was a “intergalactic war criminal”1) and that he should be arrested for unspecified “war crimes.” Another officer, a Taii, told Wazu that he was to be arrested “suspicion of criminal activity in Nepleslia.”2). Wazu claimed immunity and stated that Yamataians had no authority to arrest him for Nepleslian crimes.

The event marked a strange battle of commands within the Star Army of Yamatai forces. The Shosho took him into custody of her own soldiers with the intent being to turn him over to the Intelligence and Pacification Group, which led to a standoff between her soldiers and Santo Hei Alfhildr Koga, a military police officer of Fifth Standard Fleet stationed on Pisces Station as station security3). Before the police officer could be stood down, the Yamatai Security Agency intervened4).

Wazu was brought to a YSA holding cell in the center of the station5). During this time, he was questioned by Flint Vanderhuge of the Intelligence and Pacification Group, who forced Wazu to sign a discharge form for the Nepleslian military6).

Star Army Commander Ketsurui Yui became involved after hearing of his custody, preventing Wazu from leaving the station with the IPG and securing his safe passage off the station.

Taisho Ketsurui Yui also had the military police officer transferred to Star Army First Expeditionary Fleet to avoid retribution7).

This has since become a point of not-so-subtle resentment between the two officers, the sort of public scandal not uncommon to the International Relations Conferences.

Heram J. Wazu filed suit against Morioka Naoko that same day8), and while a committee found his claims unfounded, the Shosho was ordered to pay for Heram’s broken datajockey. Once the funds from the legal action were made available, Wazu made a bulk purchase of plum wine then had the bottles re-labeled and embellished with fake gold trim.


The front of the bottle has an image of a Shosho's rank badge and the words “Morioka Naoko paid for this bottle”

The rear of the label has the following words: In lasting memory of that day in YE 34 where Morioka Naoko lost her cool after getting kicked out of the IRC, I, Heram J. Wazu, present you with this bottle paid for entirely by money won in the ensuing lawsuit.


Contained within the bottle is an inexpensive, sweet tasting plum wine, 11.5% alcohol by volume.

It is recommended for use as a dessert wine, to be served alone or over ice to savor the delicately sweet plum flavor.


5000ks buys a little more than 160 bottles which were packaged in cases of 10.

Case 1: Not yet Distributed

Case 2: Sold to Ketsurui Yui and presented at the International Relations Conference of YE 38

Case 3: Sold to Ketsurui Yui and presented at the International Relations Conference of YE 38

Case 4: Presented to Aaki Loleth at request of Uso Tasuki

Case 5: Presented to Aaki Loleth at request of Uso Tasuki

Case 6: Not yet Distributed

Case 7: Not yet Distributed

Case 8: Not yet Distributed

Case 9: Not yet Distributed

Case 10: Not yet Distributed

Case 11: Not yet Distributed

Case 12: Not yet Distributed

Case 13: Not yet Distributed

Case 14: Not yet Distributed

Case 15: Not yet Distributed

Case 16: Not yet Distributed

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