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Onion Shot (Drink)

One of the few non-alcoholic beverages in the list, but potent none the less. This drink is barely consumable, and is not usually served in bars. It is meant for those who have a weakened sense of taste, who compensate for this loss by using widely contrasting flavors and textures.

The “Onion Shot” contains between one and four different types of onions that have been placed in a blender. These are mixed with a concoction of various spices, very strong mustard, and a fluid of the bartender's choosing (Kage Yaichiro, the drink's creator, usually selects grape juice for the contrast). Then a cinnamon stick is added, and occasionally a mint is dropped in the glass.

Even if one can get past the awful taste, one must have a trained constitution to be able to hold in the beverage. It has been proposed for use in interrogations and punishment of non-Neko prisoners, due to the nature of the drink to cause profuse vomiting and strong irritation of the entire gastro-intestinal tract. It is also known to cause a condition known as “Mustard Gas” or “The Onion Runs”, the details of which go beyond the scope of this document.

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