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Anti-Machine Injection

This injection was developed in YE 29 to help insulate Nepleslian logistics personal and command staff against nano-machine based chemical weapons. While soldiers and most vehicle pilots are protected against such weapons by their own life support systems, many logistics personnel on the surface of the planet and larger space stations are considerably more vulnerable to attack.

The Injection

The injection itself contains nano machines in a suspension fluid in a vial with a wireless interface built into the top. Through the wireless interface a computer system can program the machines to ignore certain items so that the injection does not remove the wrong things. When injected into the body, the nano machines target white blood cells and integrate themselves into the cell, helping to network and guide the white blood cells inside of the body toward harmful nano machines. The nano machines then work in tandem with the cells to destroy offending machines.


The anti-machine injection is designed to last between 11 and 13 weeks depending on metabolism rates in Nepleslians.

Primary Effects

Administering of the injection increases the bodies capabilities to fight of nanomachines once four hours have passed sense injection. This is done through both hunter/killer white blood cells and a densely packed white blood cell filter which blood is pumped through inside of the body.

The injection also is highly effective against viruses and other virus like intrusive entities.

Side Effects

Administering of the Anti-Machine injection can leave the body temporarily more susceptible to infections as the subject’s white blood cells are retooled to fight nano machines more effectively. The injection should not be administered to subjects already suffering from serious infection.

Side effects are usually not noticeable to healthy Nepleslians, though in some cases slight nausea has been reported. Any side effects should dissipate within four hours. If not, medical assistance should be sought.

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