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Anti-Radiation Meds

Manufacturer: Nepleslian Arms and Munitions Pricing: 70 ks per bottle, Sold in bottles of 40 capsules.


Due to the difficulties associated with radioactive environments, Anti-Radiation Meds were developed to retard, halt and even undo most of the damage caused by heavy doses of radiation.


These capsules contain medical nanites pre-programmed with the subject's DNA. Created as both a preventative and remedy to radiation poisoning and associated illnesses. The medical nanites are present to repair and maintain the tissues in the body, and kill any tumour growth. A blood sample must be placed on a receiving pad on the container, which programs the nanites to maintain the current archetype. Will not damage cybernetics. Failsafes are set to deactivate nanites if the DNA sample does not match the subject.

Repeat dosage every 6 hours.

Overdose causes mild to severe headaches, and severe burning sensation in wet tissues.

Side effects:

Insomnia, Headaches, Electrical Burning Sensation in the back of the Eyes (Rare)

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