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  • Manufacturer: Moiseiwitsch drug company
  • Price: 15 KS for 30 Pills or 1 KS for one pill in quantities less then thirty

“Big K” Kaprin is a small whitish pill produced by the Moiseiwitsch drug company. Big K is a fairly basic amphetamine originally sold to the Star Army of Nepleslia for use on their solders prior to combat. The effects were powerful, and they entered the body through the mucus membrane of the stomach, taking about ten to fifteen minuets to kick in. The pills work like most amphetamines, but were tailored to work “faster and better”. It is addictive however, and tolerance to it builds slowly, but steadily. With the advent of better drugs on the market Big K was largely abandoned by both Moiseiwitsch and by the Nepleslian army. However enough people were addicted to it already to fuel cheap ripoffs, often with lower purity. Seeing this happening the board of directors voted to ramp-up production and sell at cut-throat prices, burying their competition overnight. Though better drugs now exist, “Big K” is still a common performance enhancer used due to its “bang for your buck”. It was never officially made illegal. Common side effects include sweaty palms, dry mouth, and increased heart rate. Common overdose effects are vomiting, nerve damage, and heart failure.

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