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“Clem” or “Brother Clem”. This pain killer works by blocking the discharge of certain signals in nerves, specifically pain signals, it blocks them by blocking the receptors. The person who takes it remains clear headed. Clem is produced by the Moiseiwitsch Drug Company, and is strictly controlled. It has an unusual side effect, however, of making a person’s other nerve signals slightly more clear, and is often abused recreational via cut-quality imitations, and stolen/black market versions of the real good. Overdose leads to numbness in other senses, with hot/cold going first, followed by touch, followed by hearing, followed by taste, sight and smell are the last two to go, and which one goes depends on the individual. however the enhancement of the remaining senses continues to ramp up as senses are lost, and this side effect is sometimes shot-for. Paralysis follows shortly, voluntary muscles, then involuntary muscles. Once out of senses a person can goes insane from sensory deprivation. Klepsomorphin is psychologically addictive, though not chemically so. It is taken by injection, and appears to be a clear liquid. Only registered medics are supposed to administer it.

  • Manufacturer: Moiseiwitsch drug company
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