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  • Manufacturer: Keifler drugs

Also known as “Stay-awake” and “Rest in a needle” Containing chemicals that break down fatigue poisons, including the ones responsible for sleepiness. It also includes a number of mild stimulants that make the user feel rejuvenated, it is no substitution for REAL sleep, but will do for up to 18 hours a use, and up to three uses in a row. Administering past that point is not safe, causing exponentially increasing degradation of function, incoherence of thought patterns, and “superman syndrome” where the users believe themselves to be invincible and or a genius. Past five uses the person's body is so worn out that they can no longer support themselves once it wears off, as they are hit with the cumulative lack of sleep from before. Six or seven times and you increasingly risk heart failure once you go off it, as well as having to deal with being too tired to sleep. Eight times and you are a dead-man walking. It is produced by Keifler Drugs, and is only supposed to be administered under controlled conditions.

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