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Performance Enhancement Compound "Camellia"

Produced as part of a performance improvement initiative by the Lorath Matriarchy, 'Camellia' is the codename for a performance enhancement compound aimed at improving psychological and physiological capabilities of personnel in short term and long term treatments.

About 'Camellia'

History & Origin

A product of Lorath nature, literally, the initial groundwork of the 'Camellia' project was derived from samples of foliage gathered on the Lorath homeworld. Initial data which spurred the project into action was found in historical documentation predating the Lorath subterranean exile which made reference to a variety of flowering plant which was prized by the ancestors to those which provided the genetic foundation for the Fyunnen caste. What was stated in historical documentation was a rather vague passage, but enough of a statement to grab the attention of post-exile horticulturalists. Armed with little more than a poem, what was lost by the Fyunnen, was to be found by the Lmanel through the intensive cataloging efforts in which the Lmanel undertook upon the Matriarchy's return to the surface of Lor.

What the Lmanel found was a flowering plant, which blossomed with red flowers always blooming with petals numbering multiples of eight, flowers which grew from distinctively pronounced hips1). These plants grew in a manner consistent with climbing varieties of flowering plants, often growing almost vertically from their root base, usually to a height of two meters with an average width of growth reaching a diameter of one and a half meters. Flowering portions of the plants were found to yield a considerable quantity of latex polymers, some of which were used in the awareness-altering gum,'Asu-Lraf'. Drawing from the reference to the plant in poetry, the plant was dubbed with a name, upon translation, which would mean 'Maiden's Camellia' in Nepleslian 'Trade' dialect.

From the Maiden's Camellia, a number of products were derived; tonics, gums, teas, seasonings. Spanning across the products was one common trend; the recognition of such products distinctively serving as a stimulant, a potent stimulant. Scientific research, originally started by the Occhestians, which was then followed up by New Tur'listian scientists, was the source of the 'Camellia' drug. Upon discovery, trials were carried out, which indicated a distinctive improvement in test subjects in reaction times in regard to sensory stimuli, marked increase in pain management capabilities, improved capability to remain focused on tasks for extended periods of time, and an improved ability to remain alert and responsive for extended periods without sleep. However, while 91% of tests were successful, 8% of test subjects reported side effects such as severe tremor, agitation, minor hallucinations, nausea, erratic pulse, erratic blood pressure, bowel irritation, and an assortment of other 'minor' symptoms.

Camellia was approved for mass production and to be made available to LSDF personnel, even with a 1% spontaneous death occurrence on account of cardiac arrest. Which was later negated by the inclusion of Induction Drugs, designed to regulate heart rhythm in the event of cardiac arrest.

Historical Data


Lieuterm Selucce or Maiden's Camellia

O Lovely petals
Crimson with blood of life
Flush of a maiden's visage
Consumed in desire
Flesh does not surrender for her
Mind does not falter for her
Leaves of four
Petals of eightfold
Reaching for the maiden above

Cultural Significance

There are numerous occurrences of the Maiden's Camellia in Lorath culture, such as being included in many family seals within the Fyunnen caste, a symbol of fidelity and courage, and as a flower which was historically given as a traditional sign of courtship amongst nobility. According to theological accounts, the Maiden's Camellia was cited as a flower which born of the blood of a fallen warrior monk, who perished while charged with a holy mission by the Lady cleric in which he served, and who he held a desire for despite a vow of celibacy. What the flower came to symbolize, was the desire of that monk; to serve and to love, a desire which refused to die with him, and gave rise to the flower which was meant not just for his Lady, but for the Goddess in which he served.

Technical Information

Lieuterem Selucce serves as the fundamental source of the chemical compounds used in the Camellia performance enhancement compound. Active compounds produced by the Lieuterem Selucce consists of alkaloid, amphetamine, and phenethylamine compounds. Noted effects of the Camellia drug derived from extract from the Lieuterem Selucce consists of the following primary effects.

Dosage of Camellia is administered in pills, caplets, injections, aerosol inhalers, and time-release patches. Dosage of 5mg – 10mg of Camellia is suggested for non-impairing usage for treatment of fatigue, anxiety, depression, attention disorders, narcolepsy, impotence, and seizures. Dosages in excess of 20mg are noted to produce increased probability of negative side-effects, especially in regard to cardiac stress. Lorath patients are noted as capable of enduring as much as 50mg of active compound without negative effect, however, Helashio subjects have been noted to have adverse effects with as little as 15mg. All officially manufactured doses of Camellia are manufactured to incorporate a dose of induction and suppression nanomachine drugs, intended to alleviate negative effects of the drug, and to minimize risk of cardiac failure. Withdraw effects observed in Helashio users after three weeks of 10mg per 24hr doses. Withdraw effects observed in Helashio include tremor, nausea, irregular blood-pressure, irregular heartbeat, ataxia, seizures, psychotic episodes, and suicidal tendencies. Lorath users are found to develop dependency at doses exceeding 15mg over a period of two months, withdraw symptoms are distinctively less pronounced in Lorath users due to environmental adaptation to native Lor food sources. Withdraw symptoms are observed for less than two days after discontinuing drug usage at 15mg dosage, however, at doses exceeding 25mg, withdraw symptoms are observed as present for two to three weeks, yet are easily managed in Lorath and Helashio users via nanomachine and neural-stimulus therapy.

Pharmacological Data

  • Bio-Availability: <95% when orally ingested and via dermal patch. 100% via injection and inhaled vapor methods.
  • Hepatic Interaction: Yes
  • Renal Interaction: Yes
  • Cardiovascular Interaction: Yes
  • Neurological Interaction: Yes
  • Secretion: Found to be secreted via renal function, and lactation.
  • Accumulation: Observed hepatic and renal accumulation, which persists 98 hrs after dosage, cumulative with additional dosages.
  • Detection: Able to be detected in urine, blood, breast milk, hair follicles, and mucus membranes.

Dosage Information

Dosage Dosing Method Time Until Full Effect Duration of Full Effect2) Percent Of Recommended Dosage
1mg Injection, Vaporized Inhaler 2 Minutes 20 Min 10%
1mg Capsule, Time Release Pill, Dermal Patch 20 Minutes 1 Hr 30 Min 10%
3mg Injection, Vaporized Inhaler 2 Minutes 60 Minutes 30%
3mg Capsule, Time Release Pill, Dermal Patch 20 Min 2 Hrs 30%
5mg Injection, Vaporized Inhaler 1 Minute 45 Seconds 2 Hrs 50%
5mg Capsule, Time Release Pill 20 Min 3 Hrs 50%
5mg Dermal Patch 30 Min 12 Hrs 50%
10mg Injection, Vaporized Inhaler 1 Minute 30 Seconds 4 Hrs 100%
10mg Capsule, Time Release Pill 20 Minutes 9 Hrs 100%
10mg Dermal Patch 45 Minutes 24 Hrs 100%
15mg Injection, Vaporized Inhaler 1 Minute 8 Hrs 150%
15mg Capsule, Time Release Pill 20 Minutes 12 Hrs 100%3)
15mg Dermal Patch 1 Hour 36 Hours 100%

Effects List

Standard Effects
Effects listed as 'Standard' are effects which have been observed occurring in >85% of users at dosages between 2mg to 5mg, and in >90% of users at 10mg, and are considered 'Desired' for the purpose of Camillia usage.

  • Insomnia
  • Decreased psychological anxiety response
  • Decreased psychological depressive response
  • Improved reaction times to stimuli
  • Improved focus and recall
  • Exaggerated confidence
  • Suppression of fatigue symptoms
  • Mild to moderate euphoria
  • Pain response reduction
  • Hyperactivity
  • Reduced appetite

Common Side Effects
At recommended 10mg dosage, the following effects are manageable, and non-impairing, occurring in 52% of users. At doses exceeding 10mg, these symptoms may be exaggerated and more common-place, especially in Helashio users. At 20mg+, these effects become prevalent in 75% of Lorath users, and in 95% of Helashio users. These common side-effects are also common in 92% of habitual users. Side effects at recommended dose are usually mild, not requiring treatment. However, nanomachine treatment is available for users who are impaired by experienced side effects.

  • Tingling sensation beneath skin
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Bowel irritation
  • Pupil dilation
  • Excessive sweating
  • Muscle tensing
  • Grinding teeth (Bruxism)
  • Blood pressure irregularity
  • Increased body temperature
  • Increased libido
  • Dry mouth

Less Common Side Effects4)
Exhibited in 10% - 51% of users at recommended dosage, after repeated usage of the Camillia drug, repeated usage indicating a daily single dose of 10mg via subcutaneous injection, oral consumption, and inhaled vapor. Alternatively, time-released administration of 10mg dosage equivalent via dermal patch over 24hr duration. Daily dosages administered over the course of six Lor-calandar months. At dosages between 15mg to 20mg, occurrence of listed effects increased to 45% - 86% of users. Symptoms remain treatable via nanomachine medication. Abusers of Camillia, taking two or more doses daily, or, doses exceeding 25mg, have been indicated to have a 90% occurrence rate of listed effects. 89% of Helashio users are observed to exhibit these effects at recommended 10mg dosage over six-month period, also treatable via nanomachine therapy.

  • Tremor
  • Liver Damage
  • Mania
  • Heartbeat irregularity
  • Anemia
  • Anorexia
  • Motor tics
  • Dizziness
  • Irritability
  • Depersonalization

Rare Side Effects & Overdose Effects5)6)
Listed effects are observed in <10% of users at recommended 10mg dosage during short-term usage. Effects observed in <28% of habitual and Helashio users at recommended 10mg dose. Effects observed in >35% of Lorath users at 15mg dosage, and >78% of habitual and Helashio users at 15mg. Effects observed in >65% of Lorath users at 25mg+ dosage, >92% of Helashio users at 25mg dosage. Most symptoms are able to be alleviated via nanomachine therapy, so long as additional Camillia doses are not administered to the user over a three month period. Sudden symptoms, such as stroke, cardiac arrest, and extreme fever are offset by nanomachine load included in distributed user materials, however, can present a distinctive risk of death or severe physical injury in the event of overdose at dosage exceeding 50mg in Lorath users, and 25mg in Helashio users.

  • Fainting
  • Psychotic episodes
  • Neurotoxicity
  • Cardiovascular trauma
  • Extreme fever
  • Hallucinations
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Stroke

Personal Accounts

The initial vapour has a very… Floral quality to it. Not unpleasant or harsh, just strange. It makes my eyes water a little, but that’s just the moistness in my lungs as I get used to it. It starts out as a faint tingling in your chest, a kind of burning warmth that gradually pours through you. I remember I was really nervous my first time and I was kind of on edge which … While it didn’t ruin my first experience, it made the first hit a little scary - that sense of uncertainty you get from being on a roller-coaster times a hundred.

Around five minutes later I start to feel it kick in. I was a little impressed but I was getting bored and the nausea wasn’t nice. But what I didn’t expect is it just kept going and going, coming further and further, like opening up a throttle on a transatmospheric fighter and watching the mach counter climb. Strangely, my appetite vanished.

Around what I’d call 75% in, I saw stars around the edge of my vision, tracers I guess I’d call them - but I could ‘see’ them where I wasn’t? It took me a few minutes to realise my brain was painting target positions in the radar in three dimensions around me, which I was really impressed with.
I felt unusually self-aware and I felt that I didn’t say as many stupid things. I also felt oddly connected with my team-mates. The rush was warm, blurry and pleasant - anticipating things before they happened and then a warm feeling every time I got it right.

As things settled out, I felt oddly at ease and maybe more comfortable than I had my entire life: Like I could melt inside the cockpit or sit in any position but no heaviness or discomfort. I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. Everything just seemed to come naturally and easily, slipping from one task to another pretty seamlessly with no wasted effort. I remember anticipating where my moving target was going to come along side me be while moving backwards and in a single fluid movement lifting my rifle, taking the shot and then moving onto the next.

I remember I anticipated how it was going to move, so I put two plasma shots down field to make it evade to the right and then put a rail shot to where I thought it would be. I didn’t even now if the round had connected until 7 seconds later when I was already firing on my next target. It was a pleasant surprise: Its not a shot I’d be able to make normally.

I expected the comedown to be harsher than it was. I remember a stinging sense of disappointment in my belly that it was coming to an end, same way you would a good party or a send-off towards the end of the night. I only realised then I’d been nauseous for the last three hours or so because I felt the comedown: I’d been too intensely invested in what I was doing — and that same intensity was starting to drop off. I was becoming aware of a faint ache in my joints, the dryness of my mouth and the ridiculous amount of sweat I’d produced. I could feel my hands starting to shake too though that only lasted a few minutes and my machine corrected for it without problem.

Waking up the next morning I felt… Not hung-over, just depleted and somewhat disappointed. Every bone in my body wanted to get into the cockpit again. There was a weird sense of discomfort when I was about to use it again but after the first few minutes it just sort of floated away. I've been using on and off now for about four months. Its nice for when things get hairy or if I'm not feeling my best.

- My'ean “Blackwolf” Idoku Fyunnen
Rose structure, the location in which seeds are held
'Come Down' period is approximately 2x the duration of 'Full Effect', excluding dermal patch
So long as pill or capsule remains uncrushed
10% - 51% of users, and in excessive dosages and long-term habitual use
<10% of Users, also induced by dosage exceeding 15mg in Helashio users, 50mg in Lorath users
Often offset by added nanomachine medicine load
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