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A powerful depressant, nolern is a muscle relaxant used normally in situations where pain, or cramping, is damaging a pilot. It is a powerful pain reliever, silencing the nerves in the area near where used. It is injected into the muscles, and very little is allowed to get into the veins. The little that does get into the veins loosens the person up, much like several servings of alcohol might, and makes everything seem distant, and not quite real, with emotions feeling more immediate, and real, then reality. It is non-addictive chemically, but can be psychologically addictive. It is a powerful muscle-relaxant, and injection into a main vein or artery can cause it to reach the heart… leading to death by heart stoppage… Over-dose locally can kill some of the muscle leading to necrosis and wasting. It is manufactured by Keifler Drugs.

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