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A canteen is a portable bottle designed for use by soldiers, campers, hikers, and other people spending time outdoors. Canteens are made by various manufacturers including Ketsurui Zaibatsu.


When it was formed in YE 22, the Star Army of Yamatai issued TA-01 Conformal Canteens made by WickedArms Industries as part of the Star Army Standard Issue Items.


A typical canteen is made of hard plastic and has a Water capacity of 1 liter (about US Quart). They are commonly olive drab or desert tan in color. Canteens have a screw top on them and an attached cap, which provide a water-tight seal together. There are also larger canteens that can hold 2 liters (US 2 Quarts/Half-Gallon) which tend to be square in shape and made of flexible plastic.

Most canteens come with a fabric cover for insulation and cooling and military canteens come with a metal nesting cup that fits around the bottom of the canteen and can be used for preparing beverages such as coffee, tea, and energy drinks from powder, or for cooking rice or oatmeal. Canteens will have a carrying strap or attachment system for connecting to a Web Belt, Combat Harness, etc.


Canteens should be regularly cleaned to prevent formation of potentially harmful molds or bacteria. Canteens can be cleaned using soapy warm water and baking soda or with a bleach-water solution (not much bleach is needed). Rinse the canteen well inside and out after cleaning it.

Canteens are part of:

For larger amounts of water, a Jerrycan Jug may be more suitable.

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