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Jerrycan Jug

Jerrycan Jug is a container for storage and transport of liquids. It is typically used for storing potable water. It is slang for them to be referred to simply as a โ€œJJ.โ€

Side view of a jerrycan jug

Jerrycan jugs are made by various manufacturers including Ketsurui Zaibatsu.


Jerrycan Jugs are made of sturdy plastic, usually in olive drab, desert tan, Star Army Cadet Blue, red (for flammable substances only). They have a traditional jerrycan shape with a rectangular body, angled pouring nozzle, and carrying handles on the top. Civilian versions can be found throughout the the Kikyo Sector.

It is against Star Army regulations to use a jug for drinking water once another substance has been stored in it. Regulations also require any non-water jug to be clearly labeled.


Jerrycan Jugs come in the following sizes:

Size Metric US Gallons Notes
Small 8 Liters 2.11 Gallons Small size found in survival kits and such
Large 20 Liters 5.28 Gallons Typically carried on/with vehicles

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OOC Notes

The image used was sourced from Adobe Stock; Wes purchased a license to use it.

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