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Portable Repair Kit

Almost every soldier has experienced the annoying, not to mention dangerous, situation of a weapon jamming; breaking; or simply not working in the field. Be it a regular sword, a sidearm or heavy artillery, one always need to keep repairing things.

Mechanics on a craft can use the equipment in the storages to make temporary repairs or enhancements, but usually until they reach the next service point. As for those in the field, they must make sure their weapon is kept safely at all times.

This compact kit that ranges from basic/civilian weapon-care kit to professional smithy equipment can be used easily and quickly after the necessary training. An experienced mechanic will have absolutely no problem. Available either in a handy utility belt or a resistant Starsonite suitcase. The former for civilian and quick military use, the latter for more serious repairs. The small kit allows cleaning and general good care of weaponry. The case sized (also available in backpacks) also holds a miniature and precise laser based welding equipment, advanced charts and guides, and various handy-dandy items. The extended kit can be used to issue mint condition weapon modifications (longer barrel, suppressor, etc.) and advanced damage control when needed. The premium kit is the dream of every mechanic and holds the key to fixing (or upgrading) anything in reach.

Useful both in war conditions, on craft, and secret service. Well kept equipment increases your survival chance by far. Equipment includes far more than weapons: communication devices, detectors, armor, even cybernetic implants and limbs.

The kits can be customized by special ordering from the manufacturer, of course. The extended kit is to be sold only to military personnel, and the utmost premium pack only to recognized smithies.

Civilian Kits

Firearms' friend

This kit includes mostly brushes, oil and chemicals that help clean a gun's barrel(s), firing mechanism and surface. This is mainly for taking good care of your 'plinkers' or home kept small arms available to non-military customers. Also, the kit can be upgraded with soft polishing papers and creams if you want to show off with the shine of your piece. Prices modify according to specifications.

30-50 KS

Blades' buddy

Polishing kit for spoiling your favorite bladed weapon. Be it a knife or a full fledged antique sword, this kit will help you keep your blades dangerous enough to take care of plants, meat, monsters and other humanoids with ease. Special shine-adding creams are available, though expensive.

Fits snugly in a fashionable utility belt or a small handbag. Recommended for: ‘repairs’ on civilian firearms, armor and bladed weapons, polishing.

25-100 KS

Military only


Rugged, heavy and militaristic. The kit contains the tools necessary to conduct more serious repairs, above regular cleaning and maintenance. The heavy duty precision red-laser allows perfect welding even in hostile conditions. 2 sets of rechargeable batteries included, each lasting for 12 hours each with regular use. The kit includes the most necessary protective garment as well (resistant gloves and eye shields). The kit also includes guides and manuals on a small (25×30 cm) laptop to weapon and armor structures, the training manual and hints from professionals. The laptop can also be connected to electronics to pinpoint any structural damage in computers or circuits. However, software based repairs are not available for the latest computer technologies and systems with tough security codes. The kit can be extended or modified to be suited for repairs on heavy artillery. X-ray based scanning equipment can be added, but makes the pack very heavy and thus reduces mobility by a great deal. The backpack itself is camo-painted and made of heavy duty water resistant materials, with metal pipes inside to allow a solid frame.

200 KS

Recommended for: military armament and armors, explosives, simple electronics, and possibly heavier ordnance, temporary weapon and equipment modifications, weapon add-ons’ and sight calibration, cybernetic implants and limb repairs.

Starsonite agent pack

Designed primarily for secret operatives who have more advanced needs than a civilian user, but without arousing the suspicion created by the military model. Contains the same equipment as the Blacksmith model, fitted neatly in an elegant suitcase with safe, resistant numeric lock. The case has moderate weight, as the tools are more compact (and somewhat less effective) than that of the Blacksmith kit. This course of modification was done to prevent the case from hindering mobility. The laptop is all the same, but with safer software protection and enhanced penetration. The suitcase comes with an additional lock and a comfortable shoulder-strap.

250 KS

Recommended for: non-heavy weaponry and armor repairs, explosives, weapon add-ons, minor electronics and cybernetic repairs.

Premium Pack

Recognized smiths only, preferably military

The premium pack is the most expensive of all the repair kits, but is genuinely constructed from the lightest and most resistant materials possible. The welder is switched to more expensive, but more precise and powerful blue-laser welder. Since the beam is focused in at the very point of the welding pin, the right calibration can cut through or weld any sort of material as long as it isn’t too thick. To ease the work of the mechanic, a high-tech miniature scanning device was added that can detect even the tiniest cracks and scratches in the target material. Miniature means a single-eye goggle with immense zooming and focusing abilities. The mechanic is essentially repairing the item while playing a video game. The laptop found in the Backsmith model was increased slightly in size (35×42 cm), but its database was enhanced immensely. Depending on who the kit is given to, the laptop could contain even top secret equipments’ guides. Above the previous laptop’s capabilities, an experienced computer whiz can use the laptop to conduct software repairs and modifications well (It is fitted with top code breaking technology, thus very useful for hackers. Use with caution.). Protective gear is just as effective, but lighter. Available in a king-sized suitcase or a larger (but still lighter!) backpack. Surface of the containers can be customized as per order at any time. The manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee.

Recommended for: Are you kidding?! This is THE BEST! No. Uno! #1! Anything you can think of (and know how it operates)! This is the mechanic’s dream come true.

500 KS

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